Students must maintain current contact information. To update your mailing address, phone number personal email address or other personal information visit the Office of Enrollment Management in the Administration Building.

Standards of Satisfactory Progress for Financial Aid

Conditions and terms of student employment

Exit Counseling for Student Loan Borrowers

When a student who has borrowed student loans graduates, transfers, sits out a semester other than summer, or drops below half-time (6 credit hours), they must complete the online Exit Counseling for Student Loan Borrowers at The online counseling will provide comprehensive information on repayment options, repayment plans, loan deferments, loan forbearances, and debt management strategies.

Not completing exit counseling requirements would mean you would not have critical information in the management and repayment of your federal educational loans. For this reason, students required to complete exit counseling will have a transcript hold placed on their account until this requirement is completed.

Texarkana College will be notified via electronic file of a student’s completion of exit counseling, and we will remove any transcript holds at that time.