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For Faculty and Staff

Resources, links, and guides for Texarkana College Faculty and Staff

Faculty Directory

_Business Office, Department
_Human Resources, Department
_Information Technology, Service Desk
_Institutional Advancement and Public Relations, Department
_Institutional Research & Effectiveness, Department
_Public Safety, Department
Allen, Melanie
Psychology / Sociology Social Sciences 903-823-3364
Ashby, Jamie
Math STEM 903-823-3319
Bennett, Michael
Welding Workforce Education 903-823-3284
Bennett, Tony
Auto Body Workforce Education 903-823-3247
Bougie, Marc-Andre
Music Liberal & Performing Arts 903-823-3229
Boyles, Dr. Dixon
VP of Instruction 903-823-3192
Bunting, Dr. Alyce
Psychology / Sociology Social Sciences 903-823-3222
Burns, Kevin
Welding Workforce Education 903-823-3251
Carpenter, Stephanie
Math STEM 903-823-3318
Carver, Lisa
Vocational Nursing Health Sciences 903-823-3409
Cheney, Shanna
Speech / Drama Liberal & Performing Arts 903-823-3363
Cochran, Tammy
Pharmacy Tech Health Sciences 903-823-3123
Collier, Denise
Cosmetology Workforce Education 903-823-3102
Colquitt, Letha
Associate Degree Nursing/Coordinator Health Sciences 903-823-3202
Crane, Ph.D., Dr. Kenneth
Biology / Math STEM 903-823-3292
Davis, Monica
Math STEM 903-823-3313
Devore, Stanley
Auto Mechanics Workforce Education 903-823-3354
Dozier, Dr. Ronda
Cosmetology Workforce Education 903-823-3088
Dozier, Kristina
Associate Degree Nursing Health Sciences 903-823-3302
Duke, Shannon
Associate Degree Nursing Health Sciences 903-823-3206
Edgar, Gena
Dual Credit Cosmetology Workforce Education 903-823-3239
Ellison, Keith
Aviation Mechanics Workforce Education
Forgy, Michelle
Associate Degree Nursing Health Sciences 903-823-3303
Forgy, Danielle
EMT / Paramedic and Clinical Coordinator Health Sciences 903-823-3412
Fowler, Kirby
Distance Learning STEM 903-823-3392
Gass, Stephen
Criminal Justice Social Sciences 903-823-3235
Grisham, Karin
Chemistry STEM 903-823-3293
Henderson, Julie
Associate Degree Nursing Health Sciences 903-823-3201
Higgins, Waylon
Holt, Thomas
Director of Workforce Education Workforce Education 903-823-3232
Howard, Cat
Dean of STEM / Business STEM 903-823-3285
Howard, Rob
History/Government Social Sciences 903-823-3387
Hubbard, John
History / Government Social Sciences
Johnson, Denise
Biology STEM 903-823-3291
Jones, Robert
Math STEM 903-823-3315
Jones, Renee
Associate Degree Nursing Health Sciences 903-823-3195
Laird, Robert
Biology STEM 903-823-3297
Langford, Michael Curt
Business/Accounting 903-823-3263
Lee, Michael
Construction Technology Workforce Education 903-823-3435
Lipps, Matthew
HVAC Workforce Education 903-823-3233
Lipscomb, David
Diesel Tech @ TexAmericas Workforce Education 903-823-3389
Lynch-Watkins, Shawna
Business Office Technology Workforce Education 903-823-3232
Mackey, Tonja
Dean of Library, TRIO & SSS 903-823-3028
Melde, Angela
Art Liberal & Performing Arts 903-823-3277
Metcalf, Serena
Math Lab STEM 903-823-3376
Mitchell, Alonza
English Liberal & Performing Arts 903-823-3366
Morse, Kellie
Associate Degree Nursing Health Sciences 903-823-3082
Ottinger, Jimmy
Welding Telford
Park, Katelyn
Associate Degree Nursing Health Sciences 903-823-3121
Parrish, Phillip
LEAD Workforce Education 903-823-3418
Penny, Kimberly
Associate Degree Nursing Health Sciences 903-823-3205
Pounds, Melissa
Associate Degree Nursing Health Sciences 903-823-3373
Quinnelly, Lisa
Vocational Nursing Health Sciences 903-823-3410
Randles, Kimberly
Vocational Nursing Health Sciences 903-823-3203
Reaves-Dean, Shuntane
Vocational Nursing Health Sciences 903-823-3305
Richey, Trevor
Mechatronics and Instrumentation / Robotics Workforce Education 903-823-3086
Rider, Cyndy
EMT Paramedic Health Sciences 903-823-3411
Ritter-Maggio, Amanda
English Liberal & Performing Arts 903-823-3227
Rivas, Samuel
Business/Economics 903-823-3380
Robinson, Holley
Biology STEM 903-823-3290
Rowe, Beverly
Government Social Sciences 903-823-3378
Rushing, Mark
Electrical Technology Faculty Workforce Education 903-823-3335
Saffel, Doug
Director of Prison Education Program (PEP) 903-823-3228
Sanders, Brandon
Aviation Workforce Education Airport
Shirley, Valerie
English Liberal & Performing Arts 903-823-3279
Shoalmire, Courtney
Dean of Health Sciences Health Sciences 903-823-3142
Smith, Dr. Candy
Government Social Sciences 903-823-3219
Smith, Dr. Michelle
Psychology Social Sciences 903-823-3264
Smith, Karah
Associate Degree Nursing Health Sciences 903-823-3306
Storey, Mark
Biology STEM 903-823-3298
Strickland, Dana
Child Development Social Sciences 903-823-3224
Stuart, John
History/Government Social Sciences 903-823-3226
Thomas, Anthony
Diesel Tech @ TexAmericas Workforce Education 903-823-3208
Waloshin, Cheryl
Vocational Nursing Health Sciences 903-823-3124
Webb, Joel
Welding Workforce Education 903-823-3289
Weems, Ashley
Culinary Arts Workforce Education 903-823-3061
Welch, Krystle
Associate Degree Nursing Health Sciences 903-823-3408
Welch, Donna
Culinary Arts FCI
West, Lindsey
Associate Degree Nursing Health Sciences 903-823-3304
Wright, Kaysee
Vocational Nursing Health Sciences 903-823-3307
Young, Dr. Mary Ellen
Dean of Liberal & Performing Arts / Social Sciences Liberal & Performing Arts, Social Sciences 903-823-3369