Information Technology

The Information Technology department provides computing and communications infrastructure, services, support, and innovation for Texarkana College’s instructional, research, public service, and administrative programs. We work closely with many other departments on campus to provide a wide range of services for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and others.

How to Report an IT Security Incident

A security incident is an event that results in unauthorized access, loss, disclosure, modification, disruption or destruction of information resources, whether accidental or deliberate. The Division of IT assists the campus in managing information security incidents.

To report or request assistance in an ongoing event, send an email to In case of emergencies, call Service Desk at 903-823-3030.

Information Security

Technology support services are provided by OIT to all College staff, faculty, administrators, officers and students for computer and peripheral purchases, computer and peripheral repairs, software purchases, and hardware and software maintenance agreements.

Technology support services are College resources and are intended to be used for teaching, research, service, and administration in support of the College’s mission.  Faculty, staff, and other authorized persons who are affiliated with the College may use technology support services when engaging in activities related to their roles in the College.  Technology support services are provided to students who require assistance in using or accessing the TC resources as well as those who require assistance with the purchasing and repairing of TC contracted hardware.

TC departments needing to purchase any hardware or software must purchase it through OIT. OIT will provide information and assist the College community in computer equipment and software acquisition. Guidelines will be the College’s overall needs, the purchaser’s needs, and computing environment compatibility. Where appropriate and possible, site licenses, volume discounts, higher education discounts, and other price reductions will be sought in support of this protocol.

Acquisition of computer and peripheral hardware and software should begin with a need evaluation that considers the following (in order of priority):

  • Capability to meet department needs
  • Compatibility
  • Standardization
  • TC support provided
  • Ease of use
  • Cost
  • Portability

To procure computing hardware using departmental funds:

  • Consult with OIT to ascertain current College hardware standards and determine what resources, services, volume discounts, and vendors, etc. are available to support the request.
  • Follow Business Office and Purchasing procedures.
  • The Help Desk is available to provide assistance in setting up new equipment.

Computer and Peripheral Maintenance

OIT offers both carry-in and on-site services. Repairs are made by the OIT staff as well as OIT-contracted vendors. Repairs on products recommended by the OIT receive priority attention.

OIT negotiates annual discounted software license agreements with many software vendors and in turn extends these savings to individual colleges and departments. TC departments needing to purchase any software must purchase it through OIT. Please note, due to the nature of our license agreements, College-licensed software is only available for College-owned machines.