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Earn Dual Credit Through Early College Programs

Accelerate time to degree completion with a head start from early college programs and classes through Texarkana College. Dual Credit students complete college-level academic and workforce courses on their high school campuses or online to earn high school and college credit at the same time.

High school students in classroom enrolled in early college programs.

The Texarkana College Dual Credit Program is committed to collaborating with high school partners to provide comprehensive support and information to students and their families. This cooperation ensures that students are aware of their rights, responsibilities, and the various opportunities available through the program. This information is presented before registration and during the first week of class. Students can expect important topics to be covered, such as rights and responsibilities, program benefits, scholarships, and the importance of pathways and advising.

To further support students, we have Academic Dual Credit Coaches embedded at each high school campus. These coaches assist students in navigating their dual credit journey and help them achieve college success during high school and beyond. We also offer annual 101 advising training sessions for high school advisors, ensuring they are well prepared to provide effective guidance to students.

TC annually collaborates with high school partners on a DC TC Complete Campaign, which encourages students to complete at least 15 college hours before high school graduation. As part of this outreach, students are celebrated with their name on their high school banner, a DC TC Complete Certificate, and a graduation cord to wear at their high school graduation.

Students should follow instructions provided by high schools regarding registration and deadlines for each semester.

Join us today in the Texarkana College Dual Credit Program and embark on your pathway to a better future!

Dual Credit Distance Education

Dual Credit distance education classes follow guidelines published by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (COC), the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, the Texas Administrative Code, and the Texarkana College Board of Trustee’s Policy Manual. Please refer to the Texarkana College Distance Education handbook for more information.

High school students may be able to take courses not offered as dual credit. Students are considered an early admission student. Please see the Dual Credit Director for more information.

Dual Credit Admissions

Save money on college tuition and get ahead by earning college credit early through Texarkana College’s early college programs. Dual Credit students complete college-level courses on their high school campuses, TC campus/sites, or online to earn high school and college credit at the same time. Dual Credit students can also earn college-level certifications while in high school that lead to immediate job opportunities upon graduation. Our credits can transfer seamlessly with universities throughout Texas and further to help you start strong for your college education. We’re thrilled to give you the opportunity to earn dual credit and accelerate your education.

Dual Credit Informational Video

Apply for Dual Credit Admissions

  • Meet with an advisor or your high school counselor for guidance in picking your best course options.
  • If you need to take the TSIA2 Assessment at Texarkana College, you will need to complete the pre-assessment. Learn More on TSIA2 Testing Center Information.
  • See your high school counselor to receive a ticket to test. When testing, students must show valid photo identification.  The tests cost $10 for Math and $20 for ELAR.  The Testing Center accepts cash, debit, and credit cards.  TC’s Testing Center can be contacted at 903-823-3278.
  • Turn in a copy of your TSI scores to your high school counselor.

Only new students and students who abstain from registration for a year or longer must complete a Dual Credit Application. Applications must be done at least 48 hours in advance of registering.

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Dual Credit students must be assessed in TSIA2 unless they have prior college coursework meeting the course restriction. The test students will take is dependent on the course restriction they are registering for. Students can be exempt through ACT with a 23 composite and 19 on Math and/or English or through SAT with a score of 480 on Reading and Writing and/or 530 on Math. Students can take the TSIA2 assessment at TC’s Testing Center or at their high school where applicable. Students can also use a dual credit EOC waiver to take coursework.  ELAR restricted courses require a 4000 or higher on the English II EOC.  Math requires a 4000 or higher on the Algebra I EOC, and a passing high school grade in Algebra II.

More about TSI Testing

Check with your counselor for the registration date. TC works with high schools to set dual credit registration dates each semester. Students cannot register until all required documents have been turned in to their counselor.

Required documents for new students:

  • Current high school transcript
  • Approved test scores
  • Students attending a TC campus/site workforce class must turn in proof of meningitis vaccination within the last 5 years at least 10 days prior to class or submit a waiver

Required documents for returning dual credit students:

Schedule Advising Appointment

Resources for Dual Credit Students

Texarkana College extends the same treatment to dual credit students as it does to its regular college students. This means they are given equal rights, responsibilities, and access to all campus services. This approach creates an environment that supports their academic success and personal growth.

Campus services include Texarkana College Advisors (schedule an advisor appointment), Palmer Memorial Library, Truman Arnold Student Center and Student Activities, Assessment and Testing Information, Texarkana College Help Desk, Tutoring Services, Computer and Wireless Access/Online Services, Department of Public Safety, Transfer Center, and the Pinkerton Fitness Center.

Tools to assist advisors, students, and families in selecting dual credit courses to align with high school endorsements:

Student Organizations available to dual credit students: Phi Theta Kappa and ACTIVATE.

Resources for Advisors

Resources for Instructors and Schools

Contact the Dual Credit Office

Stephanie Stokes

Director of Dual Credit

Ken Smith

Coordinator of Dual Credit

Caroline Hughes

Part-time Dual Credit Coordinator