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You’ve done the work and are ready to graduate. Here are the steps and resources to make it happen.

Graduates attending practice

Watch the Graduation Livestream starting shortly before 7:00 p.m. on Graduation Night

General Requirements

  • A minimum of 60 semester hours is required for graduation.
  • 18 hours must be of sophomore standing.
  • A maximum of 14 hours of credit by exam may be accepted.
  • A maximum of nine (9) hours of correspondence study may be accepted. (Additional hours may be accepted upon the approval of the Chief Instructional Officer and the Coordinator of Admissions).
  • The last 16 hours must be completed in residence.
  • A cumulative grade point average of 2.0 is required for graduation.
  • Students must make formal application for graduation by the published deadline.

Graduation Decorum

The graduation ceremony is a festive occasion, but also a formal academic event. The celebration manifests itself in the dress of the students and faculty adorned in academic regalia, and the joy and satisfaction of accomplishment. The ceremony is also marked by seriousness where the actual conferring of degrees signifies the hard work of everyone involved: students, faculty, administrators, and family. As a consequence of the serious nature of the ceremony, students and their guests are expected to maintain a measure of decorum consistent with the occasion.

Graduation stoles are limited to Texarkana College approved academic stoles. CUSTOMIZED stoles are not ALLOWED. ONLY TC approved regalia may be worn.

Graduates will be reviewed for proper academic regalia during check-in, entering the auditorium, and before walking across the stage. UNAPPROVED academic regalia including non approved academic stoles and decorated mortarboards will not be allowed and the graduate will be asked to remove it or not participate.

Dress Code Guidelines:

  • Graduates participating in the ceremony must wear a cap and gown.
  • Dress shoes (dark colors are best – no athletic shoes please).
  • No flowers on the academic gown and no flowers are to be carried.
  • The mortarboard (academic hat) is to be worn with the front point over the forehead below the front hairline, so that the flat board is parallel to the floor. (Not worn on the back of the head with the board pointing upward.) Tassel hangs on the right.
  • Candidates of Associate Degrees and Certificates will wear both the cap and gown and wear the tassel on the right side of the mortarboard, hanging near the right eye. After the degrees are conferred, the tassel is shifted to the left side. The signal for shifting the tassel will be given by the President.
  • Candidates should NOT have personal belongings in their possession during the commencement ceremony. If necessary, personal items can be left with friends or family members during the ceremony.
  • Candidates should not chew gum or tobacco.

Additional Requirements

Texarkana College confers three major degrees: the Associate of Applied Science, Associate of Arts, and the Associate of Science. In addition, Texarkana College awards certificates of graduation for completion of programs of less than two years in length.

This catalog reflects the Texas common course numbering system adopted by Texarkana College in cooperation with other Texas colleges and universities. Students earning an Associate degree at Texarkana College must complete T.C.’s core curriculum requirement in addition to major courses and electives in their particular area of interest and all requirements of the Texas Success Initiative (TSI).

For course descriptions and specified prerequisites, see the section of the catalog providing course descriptions. Students should check the catalog of the senior college of their choice for transfer requirements. At least 25% of credit semester hours earned toward an associate degree from T.C. must be earned through instruction offered by Texarkana College.

Students are allowed a maximum of five (5) years to complete their degree under the college catalog in effect upon initial registration. This policy does not include curriculum changes mandated by state regulations or accreditation agencies. Additional time past this period is permitted, but the student must meet the degree requirements in the current catalog. An official degree evaluation should be requested from the admissions office upon completion of 30 semester hours.

Security measures for Graduation Ceremonies

The safety and security of Texarkana College graduates, guests, faculty, and staff participating in TC’s Commencement Ceremony is of utmost importance. We ask that all in attendance adhere to the following security measures at the event venue (First Baptist Church, 3015 Moores Ln., Texarkana, TX):

Designated Venue Entry Locations:

  • Graduates: All graduates are required to enter through the Atrium Entrance. This entrance and parking lot is best accessed from Cowhorn Creek Road. The Atrium Entrance doors are on the south side of the church campus facing the sand volleyball court and baseball field.
  • Family & Guests: All guests must enter through the Central Foyer that leads into the Worship Center. This entrance is on the north side of the church campus and faces Moores Lane. It is easily identified by the globe memorial out front and the words First Baptist Church above the entry. This entrance leads you directly into the Worship Center where the commencement ceremony will take place and will be the main entrance open for guests before and during the ceremony.
  • Access for Guests with Limited Mobility: Guests who are disabled or limited in mobility and needing curbside drop off may enter through the West Foyer for ease of access.

All guests must present a ticket or pick up a ticket at the Will Call station located inside the Worship Center lobby.  * See Ticket Information Below for Details.

Venue doors will open for guests at 5:45 PM. At the conclusion of the ceremony, the venue must be cleared immediately, and all personal items removed from the venue.

Bag Policy:All participants (graduates, guests, faculty & staff) may be subject to a bag check and are encouraged to limit the number of items brought to the ceremony venue. This policy is not intended to interfere with guests attending with specific medical needs or guests caring for young children.

*Tickets: All guests attending the TC Commencement Ceremony are required to have a ticket for entry. Each graduate has been issued tickets in advance to distribute to their guests before their arrival to the ceremony venue. A Will Call desk will be located in the Central Foyer for guests unable to receive their designated ticket from you in advance.

For guests requiring tickets from Will Call, upon arrival they will need to provide the graduate’s name to the Will Call desk clerk to receive their reserved ticket set aside for them. Please ensure these tickets are waiting for your guests at the Will Call desk with your name on the envelope in advance of the ceremony start time.

Pass the Tassel Nomination Form

Apply for Graduation

If you are a student in the last semester of completing your degree,

Login to myTC and click on the Student tab

Look for the Graduation link on the left side menu

Click on the Graduation link and fill out and submit your application for graduation.