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Meet our Faculty

Get to know the friendly faces of TC!

Why did you decide to teach?

Dr. Alyce Bunting, Faculty Sociology & Psychology

“I love our small classes, getting to know students so when I see them in public I can call them by name! And we are such a close-knit family. TC really is a special place to work.”

Shuntane Reaves-Dean, Faculty Nursing

“I wanted to do something that would be challenging, interesting, and make a difference in people’s lives daily. My nursing instructors had such a great impact on my desire to become a great nurse, and I wanted to instill that passion, drive, and pride for the nursing profession into others.”

Valerie Shirley, Faculty English

“I love working with people. It is amazing to see students as they grow and accomplish their goals. One major bonus that I did not anticipate is how much I am inspired by my students. Their passion encourages me to continue learning and set my own goals.”

Karin Grisham, Faculty Biology & Chemistry

“Teaching is something I have known I wanted to do for as long as I can remember. There was never a question of what I wanted to do when I grew up.”

Holley Robinson, Faculty Biology

“I think that education is the key to personal freedom. I wanted to help students gain academic skills and knowledge that they could take with them always. Education also helps individuals gain social and life skills that are just as important as any core curriculum. I think that education is vital for the progression of individuals and an overall community.”

Dr. Michelle Smith, Faculty Psychology

“Texarkana College is a unique teaching opportunity because we are able to touch the lives of individuals who are seeking support in starting or starting again despite the obstacles they may face.”

Why Texarkana College?

Doug Saffel, Faculty Government & Student Government Association Advisor

“Texarkana College is a leader school not only for the area, or the state, but for the nation.”

Delbert Dowdy, Faculty Physics

“At a community college, you can concentrate on teaching. Texarkana College has a special culture of supporting each other and the main goal of teaching. I feel everyone has one goal and that is to help students succeed.”

Why your subject area?

Ken Smith, Faculty Computer Technology & Information Systems

“I have been fascinated with computers since I was a teenager. I loved playing the computerized video games at the arcade and was intrigued about what made them work. It amazes me how far computers have come in my lifetime!”

Kimberly Randles, Faculty Nursing

“I just love nursing….caring for people when they are in their greatest need.”

Amanda Ritter-Maggio, Faculty English

“Being able to read and write well are essential in every career, and I like helping people learn the building blocks they need in order to be successful, whatever their next steps are.”

Sam Rivas, Faculty Economics

“Economics is constantly changing because the moving parts are you and I. As you and I change, and for every decision that you and I make, the economy changes.”

Dr. Dixon Boyles, Dean of Business & Social Sciences & Chief Instructional Officer

“People have been telling stories about who we are as long as we have been around. History and English are a big part of how those stories are kept alive. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?”

Dr. Beverly Rowe, Faculty History

“Everybody loves History! Sometimes people don’t realize they do, but they turn on TV programs about history, they read books with historic themes, and when they travel they visit historic sites. My parents took my brother and I to every art museum, natural history museum, and historic site near our homes as I was growing up. My husband and I did the same for our children. History is another core thread of my life.”

Rob Howard, Faculty History & Psychology

“History has always fascinated me. I read about the past and wish I could go there. Psychology is more recent as a discipline of study for me, but I have always been curious about motivations and actions of people.”

What’s something interesting about you?

Mark Storey, Faculty Biology

“I have a lot of fun doing nature/bird photography, and I play keyboards and sing in an area county band called, DURANGO. We play area dance halls and have been doing it for over 30 years now.”

Shanna Cheney, Faculty Speech

“I am actually a licensed DJ, and that was one of the coolest jobs I ever had!”

Kim Penny, Faculty Nursing

“I love the outdoors, whether it’s digging in the dirt in my flowerbeds, four wheeling through the woods, kayaking on the lake, snorkeling in the ocean or hiking through the mountains. Outdoors is my favorite place to be!”

Robert Laird, Faculty Biology

“I sometimes have people mistake me for Kenny Rogers. I don’t think I look that much like him, but it cracks me up.”

Curt Langford, Faculty Accounting

“I like the logic and structure that is a big part of accounting.”

Dana Strickland, Faculty Child Development & Psychology

“I am an avid dog lover! This is fairly new for me as we did not have a lot of pets while I was growing up. I have 2 indoor dogs, especially, that are the loves of my life. I have now become one of those “dog people.” I also collect frogs and my office is where the overwhelming majority of my collection is housed. My favorite color is green and a student purchased a cute frog for me years ago. The collection has multiplied greatly over the years and I find the decor and bright colors very pleasing. it definitely makes for an interesting conversation piece!”

Tara Lamm, Faculty Nursing

“My husband and I love to travel to have new adventures! Our most memorable adventure was a cruise to Australia and New Zealand! Since that vacation we have been growing our family and our recent adventures include camping trips to local state parks. A stress relieving hobby of mine includes sewing, quilting, and doing embroidery. I have always enjoyed creating and crafting!”

Shannon Duke, Faculty Nursing

“I am a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). The DAR is heavily involved with community service both locally and nationwide. My fifth great grandfather fought for our American freedom in the Revolutionary War. I traveled to Missouri a few years ago to see his grave and the commemorative plaque for his Revolutionary War service.

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Allen, Melanie
Psychology / SociologyBusiness & Social Sciences903-823-3364
Ashby, Jamie
Bailey, Laronda
English / JournalismLiberal & Performing Arts903-823-3368
Bennett, Tony
Auto BodyWorkforce Education903-823-3247
Bougie, Marc-Andre
MusicLiberal & Performing Arts903-823-3229
Boyles, Dr. Dixon
Chief Instructional Officer / Dean of Business & Social SciencesBusiness & Social Sciences903-823-3192
Bunting, Dr. Alyce
Psychology / SociologyBusiness & Social Sciences903-823-3222
Burns, Kevin
WeldingWorkforce Education903-823-3251
Carpenter, Stephanie
Carver, Lisa
Vocational NursingHealth Sciences903-823-3409
Cheney, Shanna
Speech / DramaLiberal & Performing Arts903-823-3363
Cochran, Tammy
Pharmacy TechHealth Sciences903-823-3123
Collier, Denise
CosmetologyWorkforce Education903-823-3102
Colquitt, Letha
Associate Degree Nursing/CoordinatorHealth Sciences903-823-3202
Crane, Ph.D., Dr. Kenneth
Biology / MathSTEM903-823-3292
Crosby, Nathaniel
History/GovernmentBusiness & Social Sciences903-823-3245
Davis, Monica
Dean, Whitney
Associate Degree NursingHealth Sciences903-823-3403
Dowdy, Delbert
Dozier, Dr. Ronda
CosmetologyWorkforce Education903-823-3088
Duke, Shannon
Associate Degree NursingHealth Sciences903-823-3206
Edgar, Gena
Dual Credit CosmetologyWorkforce Education903-823-3239
Forgy, Michelle
Associate Degree NursingHealth Sciences903-823-3303
Fowler, Kirby
Distance LearningSTEM903-823-3392
Grisham, Karin
Hartman, Tony
Henderson, Julie
Associate Degree NursingHealth Sciences903-823-3201
Holt, Thomas
Director of Workforce EducationWorkforce Education903-823-3232
Howard, Cat
Dean of STEMSTEM903-823-3285
Howard, Rob
History/GovernmentBusiness & Social Sciences903-823-3387
Johnson, Denise
Jones, Catherine Renee
Associate Degree NursingHealth Sciences903-823-3195
Kinsey, Dianna
Computer Technology Information SystemsBusiness & Social Sciences903-823-3346
Laird, Robert
Lamm, Tara
Associate Degree NursingHealth Sciences
Langford, Michael Curt
Business/AccountingBusiness & Social Sciences903-823-3263
Lipps, Matthew
HVACWorkforce Education903-823-3233
Lipscomb, David
Diesel Tech @ TexAmericasWorkforce Education903-823-3389
Lynn, Sheila
Culinary ArtsWorkforce Education903-823-3061
Mackey, Tonja
Dean of Library, TRIO & SSSInstructional Support903-823-3028
McDaniel, Dr. Donna
Vice President of Instruction903-823-3220
McDonald, Dr. Theresa
Computer TechnologyBusiness & Social Sciences903-823-3348
Melde, Angela
ArtLiberal & Performing Arts903-823-3277
Metcalf, Serena
Math LabSTEM903-823-3376
Mitchell, Alonza
EnglishLiberal & Performing Arts903-823-3366
Morse, Kellie
Associate Degree NursingHealth Sciences903-823-3082
Niezgoda, Meredith
GovernmentBusiness & Social Sciences903-823-3375
Park, Katelyn
Associate Degree NursingHealth Sciences903-823-3121
Penny, Kimberly
Associate Degree NursingHealth Sciences903-823-3205
Pounds, Melissa
Associate Degree NursingHealth Sciences903-823-3373
Quinnelly, Lisa
Vocational NursingHealth Sciences903-823-3410
Randles, Kimberly
Vocational NursingHealth Sciences903-823-3203
Reaves-Dean, Shuntane
Vocational NursingHealth Sciences903-823-3305
Richard, Taylor
CosmetologyWorkforce Education903-823-3217
Richey, Trevor
Mechatronics and Instrumentation / RoboticsWorkforce Education903-823-3086
Rider, Cyndy
EMT ParamedicHealth Sciences903-823-3411
Ritter-Maggio, Amanda
EnglishLiberal & Performing Arts903-823-3227
Rivas, Samuel
Business/EconomicsBusiness & Social Sciences903-823-3380
Robinson, Holley
Rowe, Beverly
GovernmentBusiness & Social Sciences903-823-3378
Rushing, Mark
Electrical Technology Faculty903-823-3335
Saffel, Doug
GovernmentBusiness & Social Sciences903-823-3228
Shirley, Valerie
EnglishLiberal & Performing Arts903-823-3279
Shoalmire, Courtney
Dean of Health SciencesHealth Sciences903-823-3142
Smith, Cynthia
Associate Degree NursingHealth Sciences903-823-3307
Smith, Dr. Candy
GovernmentBusiness & Social Sciences903-823-3219
Smith, Dr. Michelle
PsychologyBusiness & Social Sciences903-823-3264
Smith, Karah
Associate Degree NursingHealth Sciences903-823-3306
Smith, Kenneth
Computer TechnologyBusiness & Social Sciences903-823-3341
Smith, Monica
Storey, Mark
Strickland, Dana
Child DevelopmentBusiness & Social Sciences903-823-3224
Stuart, John
History/GovernmentBusiness & Social Sciences903-823-3226
Thomas, Anthony
Diesel Tech @ TexAmericasWorkforce Education903-823-3208
Tyl, Karen
Vocational NursingHealth Sciences903-823-3301
Waloshin, Cheryl
Vocational NursingHealth Sciences903-823-3124
Welch, Krystle
Associate Degree NursingHealth Sciences903-823-3408
West, Lindsey
Associate Degree NursingHealth Sciences903-823-3304
Young, Dr. Mary Ellen
Dean of Liberal & Performing ArtsLiberal & Performing Arts903-823-3369