Engineering / Physics Degree

Build a foundation of mathematics and physical sciences to launch your career in problem-solving and engineering the latest solutions for the world’s leading problems. You’ll enter a problem-solving environment, engineering the latest solutions for the world’s leading problems, with an engineering / physics degree from Texarkana College.

Mathematical formulas that students will learn with an engineering physics degree.

What to Know at a Glance


2-year associate degree (60 sch)



Scheduling Options

Full-time; Part-time; Day classes

Where it is offered

Main Campus

About Engineering / Physics Degree

Launch a career involving research, design, development, and testing systems that improve society and the many industries providing solutions to the world’s greatest problems. Whether its nuclear energy, environmental hazards, civil structures, or another area for design improvement, ignite your mathematical and scientific understanding of physical phenomenon with our Engineering & Physics degree program.

This program prepares students with the foundational math and physics courses to transfer to a university and pursue a career in engineering or research.

University Physics I (lecture)
Fundamental principles of physics, using calculus, for science, computer science, and engineering majors; the principles and applications of classical mechanics, including harmonic motion, physical systems and thermodynamics; and emphasis on problem solving.

University Physics II (lecture)
Principles of physics for science, computer science, and engineering majors, using calculus, involving the principles of electricity and magnetism, including circuits, electromagnetism, waves, sound, light, and optics.

Calculus III
Advanced topics in calculus, including vectors and vector-valued functions, partial differentiation, Lagrange multipliers, multiple integrals, and Jacobians; application of the line integral, including Green’s Theorem, the Divergence Theorem, and Stokes’ Theorem.

  • Critical Thinking
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Empirical & Quantitative Reasoning
  • Mathematical Skills | Numeracy
  • Organization Self-Discipline
  • Time Management
  • Leadership
  • Investigative Skills
  • Analytical Skills

Possible Careers and Salaries

Mechanical Engineer


Civil Engineer




Electrical Engineer


Industrial Engineer


Tuition Costs

Approximate total program cost for in-district (Bowie County residents) for the Engineering / Physics program is $6,035.

Program Contacts

Delbert Dowdy

Engineering / Physics Program Coordinator

Dr. Catherine Howard

Dean of STEM

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