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Katie Andrus
Executive Director, TC Foundation
(903) 823-3125

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I attended Dual credit classes at TC and took night classes while I was a jr/sr. at Texas High. TC positively impacted my life by allowing me to earn 30 credit hours of college before I ever graduated high school! After high school I went to the University of North Texas were I was admitted as a Sophomore and successfully completed two bachelors degrees. Now I am a teacher at Texas Middle School. I am thankful that TC gave me the opportunity to get a jump start on my education.

Shea Phillips

Texarkana Community College, as it was named in the 1980s, provided a sound foundation for my higher education experiences. I was especially impressed with Mrs. Sorsby, my English teacher. She saw in me potential I did not know was there. Her passion for teaching ignited a deep desire for me to continue my studies after completing my undergraduate work.

Joan Strutton

Texarkana College prepared me to go through the junior and senior year at the University of North Texas without a hitch. There was an interruption after my junior year. I was a member of the United States Marine Reserves Charlie Battery, known as the Texarkana Marines. We were activated in June of 1950 at the start of the Korean War. I completed my degree after returning from that duty. My time at Texarkana College was the best time of my young life and I remember the experience fondly.

Edgar Guest

I feel like I 'grew up' at the College because my Dad is Dr. Carl 'Cheesie' Nelson, ex-President of the College for many years. I remember going out to the college as a boy with Dad and he would usually stop and talk to Leonard the security guard before going to wherever we were going at the time. I saw all the blood, sweat, and yes tears my Father put into that College so it holds a special place for me. I went there my first year before going on to the Univ of Arkansas and had a great time and learned heaps.

Clay Nelson

My dad had attended Texarkana College and received an Associate Degree in the 1950's. When it came time for me to go to college in the 1980's I followed in his footsteps and attended Texarkana College. My time at TC was very memorable. I was in Phi Theta Kappa, which is the honor society for the junior and community college. Also, I was in an organization called Blue Jackets. Blue Jackets was a community service group sponsored by the college. While a student at TC, I had some outstanding teachers, including an English teacher who would always say at the end of each class period, "Don't forget to look for the rainbows." My daughter also attended Texarkana College so now there are three generations in our family who have been part of this wonderful college.

Susan Stovall