Community Music School

Texarkana College Community Music School is an important part of the mu­sic department at Texarkana College. Music faculty work alongside profes­sional teachers from the community to offer the highest level of instruction to students of all ages. Students have access to all Music Department facilities, including the Music Hall, library, piano lab, and practice rooms. Additionally, students perform in recitals, both on and off campus, and participate in a wide variety of festivals and contests. Lessons are given each week. Students may elect 30 minute, 45 minute or 60 minute lessons.

Community Music School lessons are offered through the Continuing Education Division.

Lessons offered include:

  • Piano
  • Woodwinds – Flute
  • Organ
  • Brass – Trombone, baritone, tuba
  • Voice – Theory & musicianship
  • Group Piano
  • Composition
  • Conducting


For classes taught by community teachers:

30 minutes $72.00
45 minutes $108.00
60 minutes $144.00


For classes taught by TC faculty:

30 minutes $115.00
45 minutes $172.50
60 minutes $230.00

To learn more, please contact us.

Marc-André Bougie
Associate Professor of Music
(903) 823-3229
Mary Scott Goode
Associate Professor of Music
(903) 823-3371
Mary Ellen Young
Dean of Liberal & Performing Arts
(903) 823-3369