Are you the next gluten-free gourmet? Is the world waiting for your vegan bistro, or do you just make the best barbecue brisket on the planet? Whatever drives you, from locally grown produce to exotic cuisines, if food is your passion, Texarkana College Culinary Arts program has your recipe for success.

With 990,000 individual restaurant locations in the US alone, and head cooks in Texas making as much as $70,000 annually, the culinary industry has never been more promising or profitable. Here are more amazing statistics from the National Restaurant Association, and register for classes today.

There’s a 14th century culinary proverb that says “the proof of the pudding is in the eating.” It means you can only really know how good something is if you’ve tried it. At the Texarkana College Culinary Arts Program, our experienced instructors and staff have a tried and true history of taking raw talent and making seasoned professionals. Over 70% of our graduates go into careers right out of our program.* If you’re looking to prove yourself in the field of culinary arts, start here, and start cooking.

*Annual Gainful Employment Report Academic Year 2011-2012

Culinary Program Handbook

From rules to tools to how a professional chef dresses for a day in the kitchen, you’ll find them all and more in this go-to resource for culinary students. Download your copy of the Culinary Arts student handbook to learn more, and register for classes today.

Culinary Arts Faculty

Sheila Lynn

Program Coordinator/Chef Instructor
(903) 823-3061

Tracey Schuster

Lab Assistant
(903) 823-3062

Sheila Lynn
Program Coordinator & Culinary Arts Instructor
(903) 823-3061
Brandon Washington
Dean of Workforce & Continuing Education
(903) 823-3232

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