What is the application process?

Positions have an assigned closing date. Applications are screened to ensure that the minimum qualifications are met. Those who meet the minimum qualifications required for the position are then referred to the departments where the vacancy exists. The departments then decide whom to interview. The closing date may be different for different positions.

Does TC keep my job application on file?

For teaching and instructional positions, applications are kept for 2 years from the date of submission. Non‐teaching and unsolicited applications are retained for 1 year.   Once the timeframe is reached, a new application will need to be filled out in order for you to ‘reapply’.

How do I apply for multiple jobs?

You may apply for multiple jobs. Clearly state on each application the job for which it was submitted.
TIP: Complete your application but omit completing the “Position Applied for Section” and the “Signature section”. Make copies. When you see a position you are interested in applying for, completed the blocks left blank and submit your application. If an applicant submits one set of application materials for multiple openings, HR will assign the application to the first position named by the applicant.

The job vacancy has closed. Can I still send my application?

Unfortunately, applications received after the closing date or after the interview process has begun cannot be considered.

Today is the vacancy closing date. Can I bring the application to the College in person?

Yes, you may leave your application at the Welcome desk in the Nelson Administration Building. Please place it in a sealed envelope and address it to Human Resources.

I sent my application by fax. Will you call me if it is not properly transmitted?

The College does not provide this service.

I sent my application by Unites States Postal Service mail. Could you tell me if you received it?

The College does not provide this service. Those applicants concerned whether or not their
application was received should send their application by registered mail, courier service or by
email to human.resources@texarkanacollege.edu .

Can I send the application by e‐mail?

Yes. This is the preferred method to receive applications. The e mail address is human.resources@texarkanacollege.edu.

There is no vacancy announcement at this time. May I send in a general resume?

Resumes and applications received when there is no job opening are maintained in accordance with the record retention policy. For best consideration, apply for announced openings and designate on your resume what position you wish to be considered for.

When will I hear the results of the review of my application?

Applicants that are selected to be interviewed will be contacted. Applicants who are not invited to an interview will not be contacted.

I don't have my college diploma or transcripts. Do I need to send a copy?

For vacancy announcements requiring evidence of academic credentials, candidates are responsible for submitting evidence of academic credentials. Unofficial degree conferring transcripts are acceptable to submit during the application process.

I live in another time zone. Can I fax my application on the closing date from my time zone?

Any dates and times listed on the vacancy announcements are in US Central Time.

Should I include personal information in my application?

You may include any information that you believe addresses the qualifications of the position.
Examples of information that we would rather not receive include: weight, height, ethnicity, marital status, family members’ profession, religious affiliation, and number of children.

Who determines if the applicant does or does not meet the minimum qualifications for a position?

Texarkana College is the sole and undisputed authority regarding applicant qualifications.  The minimum acceptable qualifications are set forth in the job vacancy announcement. In the event of a dispute or disagreement, the President is the final authority regarding applicant qualifications.

Is my application automatically sent to other jobs I might be qualified for?

No. TC does not have the capability to refer you to other jobs. It is up to you to keep monitoring our job listings and to apply for jobs you feel you are qualified for.

What is the time frame for the hiring process?

There is no set time frame for the hiring process. Due to various circumstances, job postings can be extended or withdrawn at any time in the process at the discretion of the College.  The hiring process may take a few days up to a few months, depending on the level of the job, the extent of the candidate search, and various other factors. Once applications have been referred to the departments, they select interviewees and schedule them.  All positions are constantly subject to review and may or may not be filled pending funding or other budgetary considerations.

Do you acknowledge that you received my resume and application?

Due to the volume of vacancies and number of applicants for each vacancy, receipt acknowledgements cannot be sent and phone calls cannot be returned concerning your application status.

Does the College sponsor employment or work visas for non US citizens?

You must be a citizen of the United States or have the legal right to work in the United States for employment at the College. The College is an e verify participant.

What is a Security Sensitive Position?

Security Sensitive Positions are those that are subject to background, criminal history check or fingerprinting, in accordance with State Education Code.