Texarkana College wants to ensure your college experience is meaningful and productive, both academically and socially. Student services are of the utmost importance at TC and are provided from the advising and admission process all the way to graduation and beyond, including a full-service advising staff, testing center, library with group or individual study areas, a limited number of affordable apartments and student support services for students who may need additional help.

Texarkana College also offers a wide range of campus activities- theater productions, concerts, student centered campus events and student organizations to engage students in campus life. Scheduled events will be posted on the student activities calendar. Take the opportunity to get involved and make your Texarkana College experience a life changing educational and social event.

The students of Texarkana College are truly an invaluable asset to this institution. Come see what Texarkana College has to offer in return!

Upcoming Campus events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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