Child Development Associate (CDA) Certificate

Ready to start your career in child development? Begin by earning a CDA certificate.

Degree Plan

First Semester Hours      
CDEC 1317
Child Development Associate Training I
CDEC 2322
Child Development Associate Training II
CDEC 2324
Child Development Associate Training III
Total Hours 9      


Students must have a “C” or higher in each CDA course to receive the training certificate.

Please be advised that licensure for this program includes a criminal background check.  If you have a question about this action, please speak to the division dean.

Child Development Associate Course Descriptions

Gainful Employment

Have questions about this program, the costs involved and what job prospects may exist in the marketplace?  Check our Gainful Employment report.

To learn more, please contact us.

Dana Strickland
Associate Professor, Child Development
(903) 823-3224
Dr. Dixon Boyles
Dean of Business and Social Sciences