How to get to TC Online (Moodle)

In this video, Mike Williams describes ways to get to TC Online (Moodle).

Hello, today we’re going to learn how to access Moodle or TC Online. And there’s four four ways you’re likely to do so, and you just pick which way works for you and and go with that.

So the first thing we can try is if you’re at Google, or your preferred search engine and do a search for TC Online. And that’s all one word on online TCOnline. All one word and do search, and you’ll likely see us as the top link. But if not, be careful because there are some other schools out online on the Internet that have a TC online and just make sure you’re looking at the one that’s for and then just go there. And you’ll see in the upper right hand corner. A login button. And if you’ve been accessing any other services from TC, you should get logged in automatically. I actually want to show you a login.

OK, so, to see that log in and just click log in. And in my case, I’ve previously been logging in on this machine using my account and so you won’t see that necessarily, so I’m going to see if I can simulate that for you. So what you should see when you get here? We’ll look something about like this with the sign in there, and you’ll want to type in your entire TC e-mail address and so that for students is typically the 1st letter of the first name followed by a period followed by the last name and then followed by the last four digits of your student ID.

And so in my case it is Mike Williams. I’m just going to ask for password and. Oh and also I have extra security on my account so it asked for an approval on the Authenticator app. So we’re going to do that real quick, OK? And then you’ll see a prompt to say, do you want to stay signed in to reduce the number of times you’re asked to sign in?

That’ll let you keep logging in pretty much for a day or so from the time that you log in. And so. Once you’re logged into Moodle, you will see your courses here in this area. I do not have any courses right now, so it doesn’t show any, but it’ll appear as little cards like this with the name of your course and you just click that and you’ll go right into your course. OK, so that’s accessing Moodle from Google.

Now we want to start from my TC. Let’s go to my TC. And same thing applies login. And on the desktop you should see student menu across the top of the screen. Or if you’re on mobile. You’ll have to use the tab menu here at the top. And scroll over and hit student tab. And from there and this. This is the same on both. Mobile or desktop at this point. So you’re looking for the all my courses section of the page here and it will display your courses here. Yeah, I do not have any courses right now so it’s not showing anything, but you would be able to click and it would take you directly to Moodle or to e-learning inside my TC. Depending on how that course was being delivered.

So another way you can get to. To TC Online is from the public website from And from here you’ll want to go to the current students page. Where we have links to things of interest to current students, and you’ll see under the Digital tools section there’s a link for TC online. Just click that. And, if you’re not logged in and it just shows you this page as guest, then hit log in. And there you go and you’re back at your, your your courses dashboard. So the alternate element log out here.

So the last way we have is if you just go directly to TC Online and that’s just in your browser bar. And there you go. And then log in as we did in the others.

So I hope that helps. If you have any problems, get a hold of this service desk and we’ll be glad to help you out.