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5 reasons you should take summer classes

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Want to get to the finish line faster? Don’t wait until fall! Summer classes are a great way to get ahead and pack a lot of credit hours into one summer.

Summer is on the horizon. If you’re a student who’s driven, focused, and wants to graduate from college and start your career faster, summer classes might be perfect for you. Not convinced? There are tons of reasons to enroll in summer classes, but we’ve narrowed it down to the top five.


1. Fulfill degree requirements.

Are you trying to graduate by a certain date? You can knock out a course in just five or ten weeks in our summer sessions, whether you plan to attend TC in the fall or transfer your credit to a four-year college or university. You can even take advantage of these classes if you’re still in high school—junior and seniors who meet certain criteria can enroll as Early Admissions students and rack up credit hours before they even graduate from high school.

2. Tackle tough subjects.

Summer classes are more intensive—you’ll be reviewing material more frequently, and you won’t have four months to forget everything you’ve learned before the final exam. So if you’re worried about enrolling in something heavy like financial accounting or organic chemistry during a regular semester, try taking it during the summer so you can focus all of your efforts on that one class.

3. Retake classes.

Just as summer is great for tackling tough subjects, it’s also great for retaking classes. Failing a class is never fun, and trying to retake a difficult class when you’re enrolled in a full course load can be challenging. In summer classes, you’ll be revisiting the coursework every day instead of twice a week, meaning you’ve got less time to forget course material between classes.

4. Beat the heat.

No, really. Fun in the sun is great, but Texas’ 100+ degree weather gets old fast. Our solution: cool off in our classrooms in the mornings and still have time to relax and enjoy your summer in the afternoons. Think of it this way: take your class during the hottest part of the year so you’ll have more time to frolic when the weather is beautiful.

5. Off campus? That’s ok.

This year we’re offering more online summer classes than ever, meaning you can check in and complete your coursework no matter where you are—no need to change your vacation plans. And if TC doesn’t offer the classes you need, you can enroll as a TC student in the Virtual College of Texas. Learn more about our online courses and the VCT on our Online and Distance Education page.


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Planning to transfer your summer classes to a four-year college or university?

If you aren’t already a TC student, make sure you apply to ApplyTexas as a transient student. Don’t worry; transient just means you’re on the move and not planning to earn your degree at TC. Learn more about applying as a transient student.


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