Texarkana College establishes Honors College and solidifies partnership with TexAmericas Center

PRESS RELEASE-January 28, 2014


Texarkana, Texas– The Texarkana College Board of Trustees met in Maud, Texas, at the Maud Independent School District Administration Building for their regular meeting on January 28, 2014.  The Board approved a recommendation from administration to establish the Texarkana College Honors College.

“In order to offer a unique opportunity for exceptional students to engage in a community of scholars focused on in-depth studies with an emphasis on leadership, service, critical and innovative thinking, we recommend that Texarkana College establish an Honors College,” Donna McDaniel, Vice President of Instruction said.  “Admissions to the Honors College will be by application and committee selection based on academics and high school recommendation. Presidential Scholarship recipients will receive automatic acceptance into the Honors College.”

According to McDaniel, the Honors College will provide a group of cohort classes and community service opportunities for students to collaborate and enhance their college experience.  A focus will be placed on service learning and professional communications, as well as a view of current events from global perspectives. The students will also be engaged in Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society Leadership Development Studies, which will be incorporated in their cohort classes.  Mary Ellen Young, division chair for Liberal and Performing Arts and Phi Theta Kappa faculty advisor, will oversee the program.

In other business, the Board approved an Interlocal Cooperation Agreement with TexAmericas Center to increase the awareness, efficiency and effectiveness of both organizations and defray operating costs associated with the TC@TexAmericas training site in New Boston, Texas.

In 2011, Texarkana College opened a unique training site in an existing facility at the TexAmericas Center with the purpose of serving the training needs of Red River Army Depot, its contractors, future employers that locate at the TexAmericas site, and residents of Western Bowie County.

The new Interlocal Cooperation Agreement allows the College, through KTXK-FM, to provide an in-kind service in exchange for a dollar-for-dollar lease credit for the production and promotional services of an online business news magazine and interview radio show promoting the mission and economic development interests of the TexAmericas Center and the region.  The value of the credit has been determined to be $13,000 per year.

The one-hour radio show, named Texarkana Business Journal, will air on KTXK-FM and will focus on breaking business-related news or specific business sectors that impact the region including defense, education, health care, finance/banking, timber and paper, mining and minerals, hotel and hospitality, and retail services.  Talk show guests will discuss the regional business climate and influencers on progress including workforce development, economic development and water and utility production. The bi-weekly show will also be available online at texarkanabusinessjournal.com.

In an additional report by President James Henry Russell, the Texarkana College Board of Trustees approved a motion to accept an addendum to the original 2011 TexAmericas Lease Agreement that extends the lease period from February 1, 2014 to January 31, 2015 at the base rent of $5,500 per month.  However, Russell noted that the TexAmericas Center Board, along with Chief Executive Officer Bill Cork, signed a Resolution agreeing to apply the in-kind credit from the Texarkana Business Journal radio show to the base rental rate and abate the remaining rent payments for the duration of the lease term.  As a result, Texarkana College, acting as a tenant at TexAmericas Center, will not be required to pay rent on the training facility over the next year.  In turn, Texarkana College shall provide TexAmericas Center an annual performance report on the programs and financial status of the business and will coordinate with TexAmericas Center on strategic plans at the staff and board level to ensure that mutual goals and objectives for the success of TC@TexAmericas Center, economic development, workforce development, and job and tax base enhancement are established.



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