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Teaching Degrees Offer Wide Range of Career Opportunities

The traditional teaching career is the usual go-to career for a degree in education. This option is a good investment. Demand for qualified teachers in our area is high, and that demand is projected to continue increasing. There’s a school or educational institution around every corner that is usually hiring for teaching positions. There is a high demand for teachers throughout the United States, with BLS Statistics indicating that the steady need for teachers will remain steadfast as enrollment numbers change and educational institutions expand with population growth.   

Many teachers in our area get their start at Texarkana College. We offer an associate degree in general studies with an EC-6 (or teaching) concentration. This 2-year associate degree gives would-be teachers an affordable way to complete their core classes and provides an introduction to the field with courses like Introduction to the Teaching Profession and Mathematics for Teachers. The program is designed to transfer to most public 4-year institutions, such as Texas A&M University-Texarkana. Attending a community college for two years before transferring helps students save thousands on university tuition, making it a smart choice for those who want to enter the teaching field without lots of student loan debt.

Aside from the anticipated public education teaching job that usually comes with a teaching degree, there are some other careers that can serve as options. Whether it’s a teacher deciding to do something different, or a student who got an education degree and decided teaching wasn’t for them, here are some alternative job options one can pursue with a teaching degree.

Government work 

Educational policies and laws can be similar to the structure of that of government jobs. For those who have a teaching degree, they can enter the world of Government jobs. Whether it be serving as a clerk for a local government entity, an education program specialist with the U.S. Department of Education, or serve as a political scientist for specific educational needs. The estimated job outlook by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicated that the demand for these types of educational jobs will increase by nine percent over the next decade which is faster than average for all occupations. The job prospects will increase for those who have experience or complete training programs in the area – like TC’s Associate Degree in Teaching! 


The skills taught in classroom management can carry over to another career area. Whether as a general administrative manager, public education administrator, or retail manager, a degree in teaching can be used for management careers. For example, administrative services management jobs are estimated to increase over the next decade, growing at a seven percent increase, with tasks such as managing facilities and preparing for emergencies remaining important throughout a variety of industries. 

School Administrator 

Depending on the school district, administrator positions can be offered with only an undergraduate degree and teaching certification, but typically school administrators are required to earn a graduate-level degree. This can involve a principal, assistant principal, or superintendent. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the job outlook for school administrators, particularly elementary, middle, and high school principals is around a four percent increase, meaning that employment is going to remain around the average for all occupations. Employment for these types of jobs will be impacted by student enrollment and the number of educational institutions.  


Serving as a librarian can offer the ability to work with students in a different way than teaching curriculum and lessons. Library science does require a graduate-level degree.  


People who complete degrees in teaching with an emphasis in a foreign language can serve as interpreters/translators in a variety of areas. Interpreters and translators can work in schools, courtrooms, meeting centers, hospitals, or even private clients.  


While earning a degree in teaching, students are taught general research principles for writing papers and accessing educational resources. This process can enable individuals with this degree type to become researchers. To become a specific type of researcher, typically a graduate degree is required.  

School Counselor 

School counselors serve students, parents, and guardians when difficult situations happen at schools. If one chooses to pursue graduate education following a teaching degree, they can also enter a career as a psychologist, guidance counselor, or family counselor.  

Curriculum design 

A degree in teaching also can lead to careers in curriculum design and development. Careers such as an instructional coordinator, instructional designer, or a standardized test developer are options, but may require graduate degrees depending on the position.   

Student Life and Recreation 

Camp directors, after-school program directors, and residential life directors all need a degree! A teaching degree is a form of education that prepares individuals for instructing students and working with them, just as is needed for student life and recreation careers.  


Those who earn a teaching degree can also branch into a career in writing or publishing. This career field can be more flexible depending on the type of writing. Career areas can include public relations, social media, or for journals writing essays.  


Just because one earns a teaching degree, does not mean that they will automatically be in public education! People with this degree can run pre-schools, serve as pre-school educators, or care for kids who have special needs.  

Alternative Teaching Options 

Teaching children from home, serving as a life coach to help others find their paths, community educators, corporate trainers, and personal tutors – all these careers can all have an undergraduate degree in teaching! 

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