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Student: Perot teaches valuable lessons

By Victoria Marshall
The TC News reporter
Sean Daniel, Texarkana College student, is a member of the Honor’s College and had a chance to meet Ross Perot at the Perot event Friday February 12. Prior to the event, he did not have much knowledge or insight into who Ross Perot was.

“The only thing that I’d ever heard about Ross Perot was the Perot theater here in Texarkana. I didn’t know that he’d run for president as an independent in ’92 and ’96,” said Daniel.

Prior to the event, Daniel decided to research to learn more about why he was being thanked and what his accomplishments were. From his research and experience meeting Mr. Perot, Daniel gained a deeper understanding of him.

“I learned how to be a leader. The fact that he donated $5 million to the college that he went to is pretty special and shows what kind of person he is and what kind of person people should be. Mr. Perot seemed to be really defiant in being a leader,” he said.

Daniel felt there was an important lesson other students could take from Mr. Perot’s kindness.

“Be thankful for what you have and what you’ve been given.”

He also wanted to give a personal thank you to Mr. Perot.

“There’s no telling where I’d be right now if he hadn’t made the donations.”

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