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Small Business. Big Opportunities.

For All Brandkind found that externships help create, shape and share.


For All Brandkind
Danielle Hamblett and Traci Pitman inside their co-working studio Fab/co

For All BrandkindFor All Brandkind is a digital marketing and creative agency based in Texarkana and founded by a dynamic team of two – Danielle Hamblett and Traci Pitman. They have a passion for elevating brands and for helping businesses in the Texarkana region grow. They believe that constant learning is essential to finding new and creative ways to convey their clients’ messages. So, when Texarkana College (TC) approached them with a student who shared their enthusiasm for marketing and communications – the decision to bring Aleighla Webb on as an extern was an easy one.

“Both Traci and I have worked with Texarkana College in various ways in the past, so we jumped at the opportunity to share our love of marketing and communications with one of their students. We were excited about the opportunity to host an extern in a business environment and expose her to the industry firsthand,” said Dani Hamblett, Co-Founder, For All Brandkind.


The TC externship program offers local businesses the opportunity to handpick and identify ideal talent for their technical or professional positions. It is also an opportunity for students to explore career fields and industries while networking with local professionals.

“Our business is small, but we are growing steadily in both our services offered and portfolio of clients. As we think about expanding in the future, the experience of having an extern on our team allowed us the opportunity to see what we would want in a future employee,” said Hamblett.


Digital marketing is no longer simply an outreach opportunity for businesses, nowadays it can be a crucial tool for customer identification, sales and marketing. Digital strategy is a key service that For All Brandkind offers its clients.

“Aleighla is of a generation that has always utilized social media for outreach and expression on a personal level. She’s a social native. However, building content for a specific company and brand requires research and strategy. While working with us, she was able to learn about intentional content creation, and she brought a few tips & hacks to the table that she showed us as well, “ said Hamblett.


Offering the externship program with supervised experiences in a workplace setting allowed Aleighla to gain practical learning at a local business. Learning and gaining experience at For All Brandkind allowed her to transition into another position at the Texarkana Chamber of Commerce.

“Texarkana College’s externship program is a great community asset that not only allows students to gain experience but shows local employers how the college prepares students for today’s workplace.”

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