First Day of Class

Dr. Donna McDaniel discusses what to expect on the first day of classes.

So what does the first day of class look like for a Texarkana college student?

Whether you’re a student attending class on campus or sending class attending class virtually through the web, you will receive an e-mail from your instructor providing you with information how to either access your class or where to come to class. So first of all, you need to be checking your Texarkana College e-mail. I talk about how important the e-mail is in the set a separate session, but you must always check your Texarkana College e-mail so well like.

When will I get this e-mail is probably your next question. It’s going to depend. It’s going to depend on what day your class starts, and So what. I suggest that you do is that you’re checking your e-mail a couple of days before class starts and it could come the evening before your class starts and so check that e-mail. Find out where your class is located or how to access your class from your instructor.

So let me give you some helpful tips for coming on campus for classes that are in Parsons. It is traditional classes and it looks like we have a lot of parking on campus, but we might not in the building that your class is located. So I suggest that you look at your campus map.

And check out on your schedule and the campus map where your class is located. Come to campus early so that you can find a good parking spot close to your class on the first few days of class there will be people out and about on campus to help direct you to the location of the building that you are trying to find.

However, it’s really important that you look at that MAP campus map so you know where to enter the campus and the best location to find a parking spot.

We look forward to seeing you the first day of class.