The Texarkana College Foundation would like to thank you, generous donors, who have donated $25,000 or more to establish named Endowed Funds that provide scholarships and institutional support for years to come.   A gift can be made through a one-time donation or a multi-year commitment.

Foundation Donor Wall Mural

Endowed Scholarship Funds

Mr. and Mrs. Robill Roberts 1987
 Dr. and Mrs. William Patterson 1989
 Tracy Lawrence 1990
 Wilbur Smith 1991
 Bess and Tom Wilbanks 1991
 Fay and Sam Shuman 1992
 Margaret Montgomery 1993
 Senator David and Barbara Pryor 1993
 Gladys and Walter Harbison 1994
 Dr. and Mrs. Carl Nelson 1994
 Norma Nelson 1994
 Thomas Associates 1994
 Corinne Davis 1995
 Shirley Finn 1995
 Janice and Connor Patman 1996
 Nancy and Ben Sandefur 1997
 Claude O. Pinkerton 1998
 David Gilbert 1999
 Anita and Truman Arnold 2000
 Chappell- Joyce 2000
 Altha Monek 2000
 Bobbie Atkinson 2002
 Martha and Joh Morriss, Jr. 2012
 Sara and Herman Barnett 2013
 LaCrecia and Dean Barry 2013
 Florence Griffin Ferrin 2013
 Vasco McCoy Jr. and Pamela D. McCoy 2013
 Coco and Jack Bruner 2014
 Dr. Ben J. Floyd 2014
 Texas Pioneer Foundation 2014
 Lois and Cary Patterson 2014
 Officer Jason Sprague 2014
 Virginia Pittman Eiland 2015
 Vicky and Mike Sandefur 2015
 Lee Ann and Buddy McCulloch 2015
 Thomas H. Fuqua, Jr. 2016
 Pam and Gregg Orr 2016
 John H. and Tommie McCoy 2016
 Sal and Aven Williamson 2016
 William T. and Sue Smith 2017
 McLarty Ford 2017
 Sharon and Fred Gilliam 2017
 Eleanor Seymour 2017
 Cabe Foundation 2017
 Sonja and Bob Hubbard 2017
Calvin and Rose Lynn Russell 2018
James Henry and Rosemary Russell 2018