From the Texarkana College website,, click on the myTC icon in the right hand corner. Login to my TC using your Texarkana College user name and password.



  1. After you log in, click on the Faculty tab.
  2. Scroll down to the Jenzabar eLearning LMS section
  3. Click on the course that you want to enter Final grades.
    Note: Grade Entry is the manual way to enter grades. On the right side is a list of Help documents and links to other useful information.
  4. On the left side, click on Gradebook. Make sure you have entered all your students’ grades for all assignments, tests, etc. and attendance.
  5. Your Gradebook will appear on the right side, then click Submit your grades.
  6. The grades will auto populate from your gradebook including the number of absences. If you have entered all your grades but still need to change a grade, click the Select arrow and choose A, B, C, D, or F.
  7. If you are not ready to submit all of your students’ final grades, uncheck those students and submit later.
  8. Be sure to verify the Last Date of Attendance for all F grades. The system will populate with the last day that you saved as present. Tardy will not show as Last Date of Attendance. In this example the Last Date of Attendance needs to be changed.
  9. If necessary make changes, and click Submit Selected Grades. If no changes are needed, click Submit Selected Grades.
  10. The screen to the right will appear for a few seconds.
  11. After it goes away, the grades that still need to be submitted will be in the top list. This is also how it will look the next time you click Submit your grades from the gradebook. Grades and Last Date of Attendance can still be changed.
  12. The bottom list show the grades posted. If the Last Date of Attendance was not changed in the previous screen, at this point it cannot be changed.
  13. The button at the bottom, You don’t have permission to update existing grades, will not let you change grades or dates for the grades already submitted.
  14. If you forgot or need to update the Last Date of Attendance for the F grade, click on the Faculty tab, then Grade Entry. Select the course and update only the F date. You may click on the Calendar icon to choose a date or key it in the box. Click Save at the bottom of the list to save your changes.
    It is not recommended but at this point, you can also select grades for the ones that were not submitted. It would be easier to do it from the LMS because it will fill in the Final Grade, Last Date of Attendance, and Absences.


Download a pdf version of How to enter Final Grades