To take the TSI test your student will first need to complete a TSI pre-assessment.

Upon completion of the Pre-Assessment, please have your student to print out verification of completion from his/her email and bring it to Enrollment Services located of the first floor of the Administration Building. This is the big glass building on Robison Rd.  Someone from Advising will provide your student a ticket for the Testing Center. Please be sure your child informs the advising staff that he/she is in high school and needs to test for a dual credit class.

The test your student will need will depend on what course he/she plans to take. The Advisor will inform the student of the correct test to take based on the classes the student is planning to take.

Students will need to bring a picture ID to verify his/her identity for the testing center. The time for testing varies depending on the student. Expect at least 1 hour per section without diagnostic. If students are placed in diagnostic, the time required to complete testing will depend upon which section and how many additional questions the student will be required to answer.

  • Math approximately 20 items and up to 40 for the diagnostic test
  • Reading approximately 24 items and up to 48 for the diagnostic test
  • Writing multiple choice approximately 20 items and up to 48 on the diagnostic test as well as a 5 paragraph essay on a controversial or current interest the student may be asked to write.

Students are only allowed to enter one (1) test section at a time. Upon completion of one test, the student can pay for the next test he wishes to attempt. If time permits, all test sections can be completed in one day. Each test must be taken at least 2 hours before the testing center closes. Check the Testing Center posted hours.  You can also contact them directly at 903-823-3278.

The cost of each test is $10.00; cash, Visa, Master Card or check. Checks should be made payable to Texarkana College. A receipt will be given for each test taken. For test times contact the Testing Center at 903-823-3278.

The Testing Center is located in the Technology building across the parking lot on the left side facing Robison Road from the Administration building. When your child picks up a ticket to test in the Advising Center, someone will be available to give directions to the Testing Center.  All testing is done in the Testing Center in Room 11 of the Business and computer Technology Center.