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Counseling services available to students

By Misty Jones
TC News Reporter

Life for a college student can be quite stressful. The seemingly endless hours of studying, compounded by personal issues and worrying about the future can certainly take its toll. If only there were someone to talk to; someone to listen.

Texarkana College provides its students with more than a top notch education. They also provide support. One way TC supports their students is by having Dr. Joan Strutton, Licensed Counselor, available for students, free of charge.

Strutton has a doctorate degree in Counseling, a master’s degree in Business and Behavioral Sciences, and a bachelor degree in English and Special Education, with a Mental Retardation Endorsement.

Strutton began her educational journey by getting her basics at Texarkana College. She earned her doctorate at Texas A&M University in Commerce, her master’s from East Texas State University in Commerce, and her bachelor’s degree from East Texas State University in Texarkana.

Along with her degrees and years of education, Strutton also has 25 years of education as a counselor and plenty of life experience.

“Students come in to see me that have experienced a lot of what I have experienced in my life. So I think that sometimes my experience is helpful to students trying to study with the responsibilities of being a parent and juggling time. It’s so hard,” Strutton says.

Strutton is available to discuss any issues, including career counseling, personal issues, stress, anxiety, grief and depression.

Strutton says, “Students need a sounding board.”

To contact Dr. Strutton for an appointment, email her at She is located in room 135 of the Health Sciences Building.

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