The purpose of Academic Advising at Texarkana College is to promote academic success by assisting students in developing an educational plan compatible with their life goals, identifying campus resources and completing their academic goals, whether it is upgrading skills, graduation, transfer or entering an occupation.

Choose an appropriate student type for specific information:

  1. If you meet one of the following conditions you should meet with an advisor before registration:
    1. You have not met TSI eligibility requirements;
    2. You are in a waived or certificate program;
    3. You are changing majors;
    4. You need assistance in selecting courses
      Note: If you have met TSI eligibility requirements or are TSI exempt you may register without advisor approval.
  2. Visit myTC to view class schedules and to register online.
  3. Pay tuition and fees by the semester schedule deadline.

All New Students to Texarkana College must see an advisor prior to enrolling.

  1. Complete an online admission application at
  2. Submit required documentation to Admissions office:
    1. Official high school transcript or GED
    2. Test scores, for example: ACT, SAT, THEA, TAKS, ACUPLACER, ASSET, or COMPASS
  3. Determine Texas Success Initiative (TSI) eligibility.
    1. Exemptions:
      1. TAKS* (Exit Level) ELA 2200/3, MATH 2200 or higher;
      2. ACT** 23 Composite with 19 in math and English;
      3. SAT** 1070 with 500 CR  and 500 math;
      4. Military – Honorable discharge after August 1, 1990.
        * Scores good for 3 years
        ** Scores good for 5 years
    2. One-year certificate programs may qualify for a waiver.
      Contact the Advising Department for additional exemptions or consult the semester schedules.
      If testing is required, you may obtain an Assessment Ticket from the Advising Department for the Quick THEA, Accuplacer or Compass.  You will test in the Testing Center prior to being advised for classes.
  4. After receiving your entrance exam results an advisor will assist you in:
    1. Interpreting your test scores
    2. Selecting a major
    3. Outlining a degree plan
    4. Selecting classes for the first semester registration
    5. Recommend resources to help you with tutoring, special accommodations, or financial aid
    6. Determine registration dates and times, etc.
  5. After registering in the admissions office, students who receive financial aid an/or scholarships should proceed to the Student Financial Aid office.  The last stop is the Business Office where you will complete the registration process.  After completion you should have:
    1. A receipt of payment;
    2. A printed schedule;
    3. A photo school ID


Proceed to the TC Bookstore with your schedule to receive assistance in selecting the books and supplies needed for the first day of class.

  1. Submit the following documents to the Admissions office prior to advising and/or registration.
    1. Completed application for admission,
    2. Official transcripts from all colleges previously attended.
    3. Test scores (i.e., THEA, Accuplacer, Asset, Compass, ACT, SAT, TAKS) if not listed on transcripts
  2. Meet with an advisor prior to your first semester at Texarkana College to determine TSI status.  The advisors will assist you in:
    1. Interpreting your test scores,
    2. Selecting a major,
    3. Outlining a degree plan,
    4. Assist with transferability of courses from previous colleges/universities,
    5. Recommend resources to help you with tutoring, special accommodations, financial aid
    6. Determine registration dates and times, etc.
  3. View schedules on myTC and select classes to meet degree requirements and register within the dates listed in the schedule.
  4. Pay tuition and fees by the deadline listed in the semester schedule.