Liberal & Performing Arts

In Latin, the word “liberal” means “worthy of a free person.” It means something good enough and important enough that every, equal and free human being should be able to share in it. In ancient Greece, studying “liberal arts” meant that you were learning things so vital and important that every human being deserved to learn them.

Ancient Greece may be 6,000 miles and 2,500 years away, but Texarkana College isn’t.

And we’re still opening up a world of understanding, communication, creativity, positivity, and beauty through the study of liberal and performing arts.

You were born so curious, so capable, and so very free. It’s time to take the knowledge you deserve and take charge of your future today. Visit the areas of study below to see how you could build a career in pottery, politics, police work or pop music with your degree in Liberal & Performing Arts from Texarkana College.

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Dr. Mary Ellen Young
Dean of Liberal & Performing Arts
Brooke Robertson
Administrative Assistant, Humanities & the Arts
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Mary Hedrick
Administrative Assistant, Business, Social Sciences & Computer Technology
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