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Vote for your favorite photo on Facebook

By Harper McKnight
The TC News Reporter

To kick off Texarkana College’s 90th birthday celebration, each division on campus dressed up as if from a different decade on Monday.
The pictures taken for the Through the Decades Contest will be voted on through the Texarkana College Facebook page.
The picture with the most likes before 8 a.m. Wednesday will win a prize.

The decades were assigned as follows:

• 1920s: Liberal & Performing Arts Division
• 1930s: STEM Division
• 1940s: Business & Social Sciences Division
• 1950s: Health Sciences Division
• 1960s: Administration Building
• 1970s: Workforce Education Division
• 1980s: TC Bookstore
• 1990s: Information Technology & Academic Commons

Dr. Candy Stevens Smith, a professor in the Social Sciences division, said that the 1940s reminded her of her parents.

“Tom Brokaw’s book The Greatest Generation says it all because they were so selfless. People enjoyed small things; they enjoyed other people and they were very patriotic,” said Stevens Smith whose father served in World War II. She is seen wearing a vintage 1940s dress in the Business & Social Sciences division picture that channeled her own mother’s style from that era.

World War II was the strong theme for the Business & Social Sciences division, but Dean Dixon Boyles had another inspiration, too.

“It was the age of when people dressed professionally. Men wore suits and hats and women dressed up,” Boyles replied when asked about what inspired his suit and hat combination for the photo.

The STEM division looked to make their 1930s inspired photo a bit more whimsical, like the movies made from that decade. Although the 1930s is always remembered by the Great Depression, Dean Catherine Howard said the STEM division were inspired by the first Frankenstein movie that was released during that time.

“We tried to make it look like an old lab from the ‘30’s using the old monster theme. We were acting like we shrunk the math people,” she laughed.

To cast your vote, simply go to the Texarkana College Facebook page and like your favorite photo in the Dress Through the Decades album.

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