Texarkana College provides two options for studying Pharmacy Technology.

30-hour certificate program

60-hour associate degree program

Please be advised that licensure for this program includes a criminal background check.  If you have a question about this action, please speak to the division dean.


To learn more, please contact us.

Karen Holt
Health Science Enrollment Management Specialist
(903) 823-3351
Tammy Cochran
Program Coordinator & Pharmacy Instructor
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Courtney Shoalmire, MSN, RN
Dean of Health Science
(903) 823-3142

Pharmacy Course Descriptions

PHRA 1202 Pharmacy Law

Overview of federal and state laws governing the practice of pharmacy. The legal and ethical constraints governing pharmacy technician and pharmacist responsibilities in practice settings

PHRA 1260 Clinical: Pharmacy Technician/Assistant

A health-related work-based learning experience that enables the student to apply specialized occupational theory, skills, and concepts. Direct supervision is provided by the clinical professional.

PHRA 1301 Introduction to Pharmacy

An overview of the qualifications, operational guidelines, and job duties of a pharmacy technician.

PHRA 1305 Drug Classification

A study of disease processes, pharmaceutical drugs, abbreviations, classifications, dosages, actions in the body, and routes of administration.

PHRA 1309 Pharmaceutical Mathematics I

Pharmaceutical mathematics including reading, interpreting, and solving calculation problems encountered in the preparation and distribution of drugs.

PHRA 1391 Special Topics in Institutional and Community Pharmacy Practice

Highlights differences in procedures and tasks between community (retail) pharmacies and those in institutional pharmacies (hospitals, surgery centers, cancer centers, etc.).

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