Texarkana College is dedicated to facilitating the growth and development of enrolled students in becoming competent entry-level pharmacy technicians to function within the healthcare community they serve. Students will learn the theory of the pharmacy profession including both institutional and retail/community pharmacy essentials. Upon completion of this program, students will gain growth and development in becoming pharmacy technicians with high ethics, professionalism, effective communication skills, critical thinking skills, clinical competency, and the highest quality patient care in mind.

Admission Requirements

  1. Submit a completed Application for Admission indicating Pharmacy Technician as your major and the date of desired enrollment at ApplyTexas.org.
  2. Submit an official high school transcript or GED scores and transcripts from all other colleges attended.  Graduates of the Pharmacy Technician Curriculum must be 18 years of age to challenge the state certification exams.
  3. Attend a personal guidance interview.  To schedule an advising session, you may call (903)823-3351 or email Karen.Holt@texarkanacollege.edu.
  4. A satisfactory background check and negative drug screen are required to be able to go to the clinical location.
  5. Applicants must have proof of Hepatitis B vaccine series and meningitis vaccine.  Proof of a Negative TB skin test within six months prior to starting classes is also required.

Completion of one’s file does not constitute admission to the Pharmacy Technician program.  Be aware that it is your responsibility to complete the appropriate admissions requirements by the stated deadlines.  In addition, be aware that Texarkana College Health Sciences Division requires pre-admission drug screening for this program. Notification of acceptance or rejection will be mailed to all candidates.  Make certain your correct mailing address is on file.

Program Requirements

After gaining conditional acceptance into the Pharmacy Technician Program, students must register as a Pharmacy Technician Trainee with the Texas State Board of Pharmacy. The fee for this registration is not included in Texarkana College tuition and fees. This process will include fingerprinting and a criminal background check. It takes approximately 4-6 weeks for the application to be processed by the State Board of Pharmacy. The instructor will guide students through the process of registering with the Texas Board of Pharmacy during the first semester of the program.

Certificate Plan

First Semester Hours
PHRA 1301 Introduction to Pharmacy 3
PHRA 1202 Pharmacy Law 2
PHRA 1304 Pharmacotherapy & Disease Process 3
PHRA 1309 Pharmaceutical Mathematics I 3
PHRA 1315 Pharmacy Terminology 3
Total 14
Second Semester Hours
PHRA 1305 Drug Class 3
PHRA 1449 Institutional Pharmacy Practice 4
PHRA 1313 Community Pharmacy Practice 3
PHRA 1243 Pharmacy Technician Certification Review 2
PHRA 1360 Clinical-Pharmacy Technician 3
Total 15
Total Hours 29

Gainful Employment

Have questions about this program, the costs involved and what job prospects may exist in the marketplace?  Check our Gainful Employment report.

To learn more, please contact us.

Karen Holt
Health Science Enrollment Management Specialist
(903) 823-3351
Courtney Shoalmire, MSN, RN
Dean of Health Science
(903) 823-3142

Pharmacy Course Descriptions

PHRA 1202 Pharmacy Law

Overview of federal and state laws governing the practice of pharmacy. The legal and ethical constraints governing pharmacy technician and pharmacist responsibilities in practice settings

PHRA 1260 Clinical: Pharmacy Technician/Assistant

A health-related work-based learning experience that enables the student to apply specialized occupational theory, skills, and concepts. Direct supervision is provided by the clinical professional.

PHRA 1301 Introduction to Pharmacy

An overview of the qualifications, operational guidelines, and job duties of a pharmacy technician.

PHRA 1305 Drug Classification

A study of disease processes, pharmaceutical drugs, abbreviations, classifications, dosages, actions in the body, and routes of administration.

PHRA 1309 Pharmaceutical Mathematics I

Pharmaceutical mathematics including reading, interpreting, and solving calculation problems encountered in the preparation and distribution of drugs.

PHRA 1391 Special Topics in Institutional and Community Pharmacy Practice

Highlights differences in procedures and tasks between community (retail) pharmacies and those in institutional pharmacies (hospitals, surgery centers, cancer centers, etc.).