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Student Spotlight: Harper McKnight

Meet Harper McKnight, a general studies major who graduated from McLeod High School.img_7270-1

Involved In

TC Honors College, Presidential Ambassadors

Awards & Honors

“I’m currently receiving the Presidential Scholarship from TC, which I am so thankful for.”

Works at

American Eagle at the Pierre Bossier Mall in Bossier City, LA.

Personal Motto

“My personal motto is, ‘Experience now.’ I chose this motto for myself because there are so many things in life that I want to do. I feel myself often pushing them on the back burner, instead of experiencing them now. I believe if a person wants to learn a new skill or start a new adventure, they should begin as soon as they possibly can. Making this my motto has inspired me to change the way I live. When I follow my motto, I find myself more creative and productive than usual.”

Quote to live by

“My favorite quote is, ‘It’s a good life.’ I found it in John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars. It seems a little cheesy but whenever I’m having a bad day, it always comes to mind and reminds me that a bad day won’t define my life in the end. It keeps me hopeful.”

Favorite class

“It’s so hard to pick a favorite class because I really think I got into the most wonderful classes this semester. I hope I can do the same next semster! If I had to narrow it down to two, I think my favorites are Federal Government with Dr. Candy Smith and Intro to Theatre with Michael Cooper.”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

“In five years, I hope to have a bachelor’s degree in English and Communications. I plan to be working on a master’s degree, but I’m not sure what subject I’ll decide on for that. I think it would be really cool to be planning to move to Nashville, Tennessee or Austin, Texas by then. Most of all, I see myself in a stable job that I love and living a productive life.”


“My super power is being able to guess most people’s favorite color based on their personality.”

Why did you choose TC?

“I chose Texarkana College first and foremost because of the affordability and the small class sizes. This was very important to me because I grew up in a small school so I really appreciate one-on-one help and discussion. I knew that wouldn’t be as easy to come by at a bigger school. I was drawn to TC because of the unique opportunities offered to presidential scholars and because I knew all of my dual credit hours would transfer. I am so thankful to have had TC as a part of my academic career.”

Learn more about the Presidential Scholarship

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