Discover Opportunities- Presidential, Nursing, and other scholarships open for applications January 15 - April 1, 2022. Please refer to your student dashboard in AwardSpring for a complete listing.

The Texarkana College Foundation has over 300 endowed and annual scholarships available to Texarkana College students with an average award of $1,500. Foundation scholarships are based on a wide variety of criteria set by the donors, including but not limited to financial need, community service, and pathway.

It is easy to apply. The AwardSpring system is a simple application process that matches qualified scholarship recipients to a Texarkana College Foundation scholarship.


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Steps to Apply

If you have previously had a email address in the past, do not create an account using the Prospective students link below.  Instead, contact the Helpdesk to get your pre-existing email address reactivated.
  1. Access Your AwardSpring AccountExisting / Returning students and use your TC email address and password.  Prospective students can create an account at AwardSpring.
  2. Start the Application – If you are a TC student, your demographic information will populate into the AwardSpring scholarship application.  Answer all questions, request your letter of recommendation, and review your dashboard for any additional requirements to complete. Note: Some scholarships may have additional requirements that the applicant must complete.  Be sure to check your AwardSpring Dashboard for any additional requirements.
  3. Click the “Submit Application” button on the lower right corner of the screen. If the button is gray, your application is not complete. Review the dashboard to determine any items that require attention. Each section of the application will show if it has been “completed” or is “in progress”.
  4. AwardSpring will match you with all scholarships for which you qualify.

Frequently Asked Questions

What scholarships may be available to me?
ScholarshipTotal Scholarships Per CycleScholarship AmountBasic Qualification
Presidential/Dean’s Scholarship*Up to 80Full tuition and feesTop recent high school graduate
TC Nursing Scholarship21,000 Nursing student
Janell Robbins Nursing Scholarship12,000 Nursing student
Dr. Shirley Finn Nursing Scholarship12,000 Nursing student
David Wayne Gilbert Orthopedics Nursing Scholarship12,000 Nursing student
Wadley Auxiliary Nursing Scholarship21,000 Nursing student
Dr. Corinne R. Davis Nursing Scholarship12,000 Nursing student
Maurice Leonard Nursing Scholarship12,000 Nursing student
Sal and Aven Williamson Nursing Scholarship11,500 Nursing student
Dianne Dunnam Knight Scholarship11,500 Nursing student
Janice Sample Nursing Scholarship11,500 Nursing student
Dr. Ben J. Floyd Nursing Scholarship11,500 Nursing student
Chappell- Joyce Nursing Scholarship11,500 Nursing student
Faculty Association ScholarshipVariesVariesSelected by faculty association
Jake and Bessie Eldridge Memorial ScholarshipVariesVariesTransfer student- for bachelors degree
General ScholarshipVariesVaries
Non-Traditional/Just Start Scholarship**Up to 100Up to 1,000Non-traditonal student
Annie Kim Memorial Scholarship11,500 International student
Wholesale Electric Supply Scholarship12,000 Workforce- electrical major
BWI Companies Scholarship22,500 Dependent of a BWI employee
Jarrell H. and Edna F. Winkle and Julia Beth Gardner Memorial Engineering Scholarship11,000 Engineering major
US Marine Corp Reserve Scholarship42,000 Child/grandchild of US Veteran
Officer William Jason Sprague Memorial Scholarship11,500 Child of first responder/ Criminal Justice major
Overcoming Barriers ScholarshipVaries1,000 EOC student
Robert A. Jones Scholarship11,500 Black student
Dr. Theresa McDonald Scholarship11,500 Hispanic student
Herman and Sara Barnett Business Scholarship11,500 Business major
Joe S. and Barrie Thomson Endowed Scholarship21,500Business or Nursing major
Super 1 Foods Scholarship11,500 Business/ Communications major
Mike and Vicky Sandefur Endowed Scholarship11,500 West End of Bowie County high school graduate
Sharon and Fred Gilliam Endowed Scholarship11,500 DeKalb High School graduate
William T. and Sue Smith11,500 Non-traditional, female student
Dr. and Mrs. William Patterson Scholarship11,500 Non-traditional, over 25 student
Linda Miller Smith Memorial Scholarship11,000 Female- workforce major
John H. and Tommie McCoy Charitable Foundation Scholarship22,000 West End of Bowie County high school graduate
Mike Smith Memorial Welding Scholarship11,000 Welding major
Joe C. Vanderbilt and Jason T. Thomson Family Endowed Scholarship11,500 Workforce major

*Funds supporting the Presidential and Dean’s Scholarship:

  1. Truman and Anita Arnold Endowment
  2. Janice and Connor Patman Endowment
  3. Lois and Cary Patterson Endowment
  4. Bobbie Atkinson Endowment
  5. Claude O. Pinkerton Endowment
  6. Ben and Nancy Sandefur Endowment
  7. Wilbur Smith Endowment
  8. Tom and Bess Wilbanks Endowment
  9. Vasco McCoy Jr. and Pamela D. McCoy Endowment
  10. Dean and LaCrecia Barry Endowment
  11. Jack and Coco Bruner Endowment
  12. Virginia Pittman Eiland Endowment
  13. Thomas H. Fuqua, Jr. Endowment
  14. McLarty Ford Endowment
  15. Cabe Foundation Endowment
  16. Sonja and Bob Hubbard Endowment
  17. Rosemary and James Henry Russell Endowment
  18. Rose Lynn and Calvin Russell Endowment
  19. Patsy and Don Morriss Endowment
  20. Jessica and Matt Palmer Endowment
  21. Martha and Josh Morriss Endowment

**Funding for the Non-Traditional Scholarship Provided By:

  1. Pam and Gregg Orr Endowment
  2. Lee Ann and Buddy McCulloch Endowment
  3. Texas Pioneer Foundation Endowment
  4. Nancy Patterson Troike Endowment
Why do I not see a save button?

The AwardSpring system automatically saves your answers as you complete the application.

Can I apply for more than one Texarkana College Foundation Scholarship?

When completing the online scholarship application, answer and complete each question carefully and accurately, as this determines scholarship eligibility. Some scholarships need additional requirements, so be sure to review your “Dashboard” and answer those questions. Do not leave any questions blank.

Do all scholarships have the same eligibility requirement(s)?

No. Each scholarship has specific eligibility requirement(s) that were defined by the donor when the scholarship was established. Eligibility requirements are stated for each individual scholarship, so be sure to read the requirements carefully.

Is there a deadline to apply for a Texarkana College Foundation Scholarship?

Yes. Each scholarship has a deadline that is listed on the summary of scholarships page.

Can I apply for a Texarkana College Foundation scholarship if I am an international student?

Yes. International students may apply for TC Foundation scholarships. Awards are made based on the qualifications and eligibility criteria of the scholarships.

Who makes the award decisions?

The Texarkana College Scholarship Committee reviews and evaluates each application and makes award recommendations based on the scholarship criteria.

Will I need to apply each year for a Texarkana Foundation Scholarship?

Yes. Everyone requesting financial assistance through the TC Foundation is required to reapply by the next priority deadline listed alongside the scholarships.

I'm having difficulty locating my TC issued email address.

To access MyTC portal and your TC email address, visit  You will find the link to reset password beside the “Welcome” section.

Scholarships administered by Texarkana College are processed by the Financial Aid Office, located in the Carl M. Nelson Administration Building.

For more information

(903) 823-3267