Class Offerings / Instruction Policies

Dr. Donna McDaniel discusses Class Offerings and Instruction Policies.

Texarkana College has four different instructional delivery options. The most common is called traditional when you look at your schedule, your course has a course number and outside it has three letters.

Traditional stands is listed as TRA. TRA indicates the course is a traditional course and then you will attend the class at the designated times listed on your schedule. The course delivery of instruction is in a face to face in a classroom and there may be a times that instructors choose to put some course content online, but the class is designed to meet on a regular attendance in a face to face traditional classroom.

The second instructional delivery option is what we call web. The letters outside your course number is WEB for web. It is like online. Anytime it indicates that the course is a web-based asynchronous course and it means that it’s a self-paced class which students are not required to meet as a designated time. The course delivery will be entirely online without regular interaction. With the instructor are classmates we do have some engagement opportunities embedded in the course, but it is a web online course. Asynchronous means that you do it at your own pace at your own time. However, the instructor will put deadlines for certain coursework.

The third instructional delivery option is called hybrid. When you look at your course number, the three letters outside would be HYB. This delivery method is designed for students to come to class for a shorter amount of time and students do a large percent of their work online on their own time. There could be face to face meetings or virtual meetings, but there will be certain meetings which are required for attendance.

Our last and newest instructional delivery option is what we call online on a schedule. The code outside your course number is OOS. This indicates that the class is a web-based synchronous class. This means that the class will be meeting virtually through Microsoft Teams. According to the class schedule. This will be lack of face to face course, except students will attend. Virtually. Students will need to turn their camera on and participate in active learning. Portions of the course may be sent through a Moodle or Jenzabar format, but you will be required to attend at the designated times in a virtual format.