Fred Markham: From TC grad to lifelong supporter

Fred Fred_Markham photoMarkham is the Executive Director of Texas Pioneer Foundation and a great supporter of Texarkana College. He began his relationship with TC as a student in 1962-1963.  Markham said when he decided to attend Texarkana College, it was a simply a tradition among his classmates: a way to move to the next stage of life without the financial burden.  For Markham, Texarkana College was a great place to start.

“Texarkana College was a transition that pushed us to become more independent and responsible for our own education,” he said.

Markham encourages all students to work on developing personal motivation to meet their goals.

“I always emulated people that I considered to be successful,” he said. “I wanted to know what they did and how they did it. Education will open doors that might not otherwise open for you as you go through life. Unfortunately, it’s a fact of life. It may not always be fair, but often doors will be open to those that have the education, the certificate, or the credentials while it may not open for others. Having an education gives you control of your life and lets you be your own boss more often than not. ”

After graduating from the University of Arkansas, Markham spent 30 years in banking before founding the Texas Pioneer Foundation, a private non-profit organization that grants money to schools in Texas.  Fred Markham and the Texas Pioneer Foundation have sponsored TC’s Honors College for the past two years, which has included an annual etiquette dinner and student cultural trips.   They have also provided funding for several student success initiatives, including our most recent partnership with College Forward. The TC Foundation thanks Fred Markham for supporting the college and our students!

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