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Fall 2019 President’s and Dean’s Lists

More than 500 students earned a spot on Texarkana College’s scholastic honor roll for fall 2019 by earning high-grade point averages (GPA) in twelve or more college-level semester credit hours.  Students on the President’s List earned a 3.8 GPA or higher and students earning GPAs of 3.2 or higher were placed on the Dean’s List. Students in academic, workforce, as well as high school students participating in dual credit or early admissions courses, are eligible for placement on TC’s honor rolls.

“It is evident that our students are committed to achieving their dreams of earning college credit, furthering their academic goals, and bettering their futures,” Dr. Jason Smith, TC President. “Often our students have to overcome barriers that try to keep them from college completion; however, they make the most of their challenges and strive toward excellence. I could not be more proud than to congratulate these high achieving students on a job well done.”

The 2019 Fall President List includes 210 students while the Dean’s List includes 291 students as follows:


Madison Erwin Ashdown AR
Michael Tomlinson Ashdown AR
Nadia Walraven Ashdown AR
Daniela Arredondo Atlanta TX
Alenna Blaydes Atlanta TX
Maia Brown Atlanta TX
Cameron Carney Atlanta TX
Dayanna Cervantes Atlanta TX
Krista Fincher Atlanta TX
Rachel Green Atlanta TX
Laci Jones Atlanta TX
Cory Lowry Atlanta TX
Jordan Owens Atlanta TX
Kyle Reynolds Atlanta TX
Andrew Samples Atlanta TX
Rachel Sherman Atlanta TX
Peyton Turner Atlanta TX
Kelsea Clark Avery TX
Jamey Jackson Avery TX
Cortney White Avery TX
Randal Reece Bivins TX
Gracie Smith Bivins TX
Auston Sprayberry Bivins TX
Charles Taylor Bivins TX
Kimberly Clark Bloomburg TX
Hanna Parker Bloomburg TX
Brandi Tabor Bradley AR
Joshua Stewart Cabot AR
Egan Hausler Clarksville TX
Kyla Barnes DeKalb TX
Kailey Barrett DeKalb TX
Bradley Brown DeKalb TX
Christina Brunson DeKalb TX
Dave Hornbuckle DeKalb TX
Alejandro Mendez DeKalb TX
Leslie Moles DeKalb TX
Daniel Puente DeKalb TX
Darbee Rich DeKalb TX
Meagan Toliver DeKalb TX
Elana McClory Douglassville TX
Alora Plunkett Fort Worth TX
Denise Austin Fouke AR
Ashley Dwyer Fouke AR
Kevin Tommie Fouke AR
Jessica Bilimek Hooks TX
Haylee Gammons Hooks TX
David Lorance Hooks TX
Cord Parker Hooks TX
Joshaua Plunkett Hooks TX
Rene Rodriguez Michua Hooks TX
Huy Truong Hooks TX
Nicholas Kunze Jefferson TX
Joseph Boney Linden TX
Katherine Price Linden TX
Alaina Seagroves Linden TX
Lisa Herring Magnolia AR
Stephanie Brooks Maud TX
Robin Currens Maud TX
Sandy Flores Huerta Maud TX
Hayle Foster Maud TX
Brandon Knaupe Maud TX
Cameron Mills Maud TX
Lauren Pippen Maud TX
Lori Potts Maud TX
Hunter Thomas Maud TX
Savannah Hall Mc Caskill AR
Hayden Covey Mc Leod TX
Elijah Cross Mize MS
Brittany Adams Nash TX
Christopher Brown Nash TX
Madison Crone Nash TX
Avery Farren Nash TX
Francisco Olvera Nash TX
Samantha Roy Nash TX
Britton Allee New Boston TX
Samantha Brooks New Boston TX
Jenna Harkins New Boston TX
Adam Hendrix New Boston TX
Sommer Hobson New Boston TX
Samuel Martin New Boston TX
Aylin Martinez New Boston TX
Kristin Meadows New Boston TX
Ashton Paul New Boston TX
Lane Peek New Boston TX
Kelly Ratcliff New Boston TX
Jamya Scales New Boston TX
Aleighla Webb New Boston TX
Kevin Taylor Queen City TX
Desean Page Redwater TX
Megan Daley Simms TX
Myles Goodwin Simms TX
James Hensley Simms TX
Tara Stegman Simms TX
Jose Aguilar Texarkana AR
Ashley Barrick Texarkana AR
Luke Barton Texarkana AR
Paige Beasley Texarkana AR
Kayla Boyd Texarkana AR
Melissa Brackeen Texarkana AR
Ryan Brown Texarkana AR
Quenitra Cornelius Texarkana AR
Tracy Davis Texarkana AR
Shatoya Davis Texarkana AR
Antionette Floyd Texarkana AR
Melody Foreback Texarkana AR
Katie House Texarkana AR
James Kirby Texarkana AR
Amiya Nickleberry Texarkana AR
Maitri Patel Texarkana AR
Javan Patterson Texarkana AR
Michael Peoples Texarkana AR
Haylea Potts Texarkana AR
Latoya Robinson Texarkana AR
Jeanne Thompson Texarkana AR
Richard Turner Texarkana AR
Trista Underwood Texarkana AR
Troy Wilson Texarkana AR
Heather Aguilar Texarkana TX
Andrew Allen Texarkana TX
Abril Alvarado Texarkana TX
McKinzie Anderson Texarkana TX
Veronica Anderson Texarkana TX
Soad Awad Texarkana TX
James Beach Texarkana TX
Artryssa Beal Texarkana TX
David Bramhall Texarkana TX
Madison Brannan Texarkana TX
Bobby Brannan Texarkana TX
Shataron Brown Texarkana TX
Paige Bulkley Texarkana TX
Dina Calhoun Texarkana TX
Abbigail Calhoun Texarkana TX
Andrea Bianca Calo Texarkana TX
Brady Cauley Texarkana TX
Linton Colvin Texarkana TX
Faith Dossey Texarkana TX
Amber Drumm Texarkana TX
Madison Dunford Texarkana TX
Spencer Eaton Texarkana TX
Luke Fatherree Texarkana TX
Jackson Feemster Texarkana TX
Taylor Flinchum Texarkana TX
Ronald Flint Texarkana TX
Jamie Ford Texarkana TX
Kristopher Fortner Texarkana TX
Thomas Graf Texarkana TX
Jo Ana Guerrero Texarkana TX
Kathryn Gulley Texarkana TX
Stephen Harris Texarkana TX
Kaitlyn Harris Texarkana TX
Bobby Henderson Texarkana TX
Charles Henderson Texarkana TX
Leigh Hickmott Texarkana TX
Ashlynn Hill Texarkana TX
Lauren Holland Texarkana TX
Alysia Hopkins Texarkana TX
Abigail Houck Texarkana TX
Elizabeth Hunter Texarkana TX
Riley Jernigan Texarkana TX
Preston Jones Texarkana TX
Kayla Latham Texarkana TX
Joshua Lefors Texarkana TX
Samantha Luplow Texarkana TX
James Magee Texarkana TX
Jose Marquez Texarkana TX
Jullianna McCauley Texarkana TX
Derek McElhiney Texarkana TX
Kasey Merriman Texarkana TX
Christopher Mitchell Texarkana TX
Lisseth Moya-Lopez Texarkana TX
Yun-Tae Nam Texarkana TX
Quynh Thu Nguyen Texarkana TX
Olivia Norton Texarkana TX
Jared Oats Texarkana TX
Cynthia Owens Texarkana TX
Christopher Plunkett Texarkana TX
Ruben Ramirez Texarkana TX
James Reed Texarkana TX
Mathew Reed Texarkana TX
Josh Roberts Texarkana TX
Tonarrow Scott Texarkana TX
James Seastrunk Texarkana TX
Whittney Sherman Texarkana TX
Dennis Sitzes Texarkana TX
Sarah Smith Texarkana TX
Geoffrey Smith Texarkana TX
Sarah Smith Texarkana TX
Savannah Story Texarkana TX
Summer Tabler Texarkana TX
Stoya Taylor Texarkana TX
Caylyn Wallace Texarkana TX
Vontrisha Washington Texarkana TX
Angela Watson Texarkana TX
Brittany Weeks Texarkana TX
Keeley Wilbur Texarkana TX
Patton Young Texarkana TX
Hue Truong Texarkana TX
Tyler Jones Tolar TX
Hunter Angerbauer Wake Village TX
Bridgett Bennett Wake Village TX
Mark Cook Wake Village TX
Austin Driver Wake Village TX
Christopher Jones Wake Village TX
Rachel Kerby Wake Village TX
Alexandra McHargue Wake Village TX
Leon Pesek Wake Village TX
Kayla Robinson Wake Village TX
Dunye Sanders Wake Village TX
Brandi Shavers Wake Village TX
Caitlyn Trim Wake Village TX




Jordan Burns Annona TX
Heather Fatherree Ashdown AR
Tyrica Forte Ashdown AR
Jacob Loosier Ashdown AR
Keeleigh Martin Ashdown AR
Raquel Alaniz Atlanta TX
Tiffany Bailey Atlanta TX
Quantravious Castleberry Atlanta TX
Terry Dickerson Atlanta TX
Brian Duran Atlanta TX
Cade Fant Atlanta TX
Gabrielle Goynes Atlanta TX
Casandra Ivey Atlanta TX
James Joslin Atlanta TX
Kinsey Kelly Atlanta TX
Shuntay McCauley Atlanta TX
Ashley Miley Atlanta TX
Rebecca Mixon Atlanta TX
Molly Moloney Atlanta TX
Misti Robertson Atlanta TX
Matthew Samples Atlanta TX
Gabriella Schwartz Atlanta TX
Brian Simington Atlanta TX
William Sims Atlanta TX
Keyeria Webster Atlanta TX
James White Atlanta TX
Amber Crouch Avery TX
Kaeleigh Martin Avery TX
Haley Burden Bivins TX
Seth Schanfish Bivins TX
Kaitlyn Mooney Bloomburg TX
Kaitlyn Brown Bogata TX
Ashten Simington Clarksville TX
Elliot Almond DeKalb TX
Hannah Bussey DeKalb TX
Shelby Huggins DeKalb TX
Arie Love DeKalb TX
Caitlin Martinez DeKalb TX
Garrison McKinnie DeKalb TX
Macie Motes DeKalb TX
Shelby Robertson DeKalb TX
Kelly Shumake DeKalb TX
VerRanda Taylor DeKalb TX
Jeremy Vaughn DeKalb TX
Jacob Weaver DeKalb TX
Kaitlyn Knorr Douglassville TX
Regan Martin Forney TX
Jeffrey Daugherty Fouke AR
Carla Page Fouke AR
Callie Alexander Hooks TX
Melissa Bond Hooks TX
Sara Brooks Hooks TX
Jadyn Duke Hooks TX
Randall Hicks Hooks TX
John Marshall Hooks TX
Harolyn McDowell Hooks TX
Kelsi Mixon Hooks TX
Marcos Perez Hooks TX
Adam Roy Hooks TX
Nicolette Stone Hooks TX
Chaney Anderson Hope AR
Cheyenne Burkhart Hope AR
Maleka Berry Lindale TX
Charles Gamble Linden TX
Zachery Gentry Linden TX
Jeremy Hankins Linden TX
Ashley Mirabent Linden TX
Amber Peacock Linden TX
Carolyn Stanford Linden TX
Cade Stanley Linden TX
Griffin Young Lockesburg AR
Kinley Harris Marietta TX
Tatum Atnip Maud TX
Brock Foster Maud TX
Kayla Gunter Maud TX
Brooklyn Hilton Maud TX
Brayden Kelley Maud TX
Starla Petlig Maud TX
Kara Thompson Maud TX
Tessa Thompson Maud TX
Guadalupe Medina Mt Pleasant TX
Amos Brown Nash TX
Ian Flippen Nash TX
Faith Hammonds Nash TX
Tylisha Heath Nash TX
Nylah Neal Nash TX
Ruston Starkey Nash TX
Dalton Underwood Nash TX
Brandy Hanney Nashville AR
Christopher Arendt New Boston TX
William Baker New Boston TX
Alexandera Barnes New Boston TX
Cannon Batchelor New Boston TX
Kimberly Blanks New Boston TX
James Cheatham New Boston TX
Rayleen Clark New Boston TX
Joselyn Clift New Boston TX
Jada Cobos New Boston TX
Andy Cockrum New Boston TX
Logan Corbett New Boston TX
Kirsti Donath New Boston TX
Grace Duffer New Boston TX
Blaine Ellis New Boston TX
Denise Garcia New Boston TX
Amanda Grisham New Boston TX
Ashley Meisinger New Boston TX
Tyshun Mitchell New Boston TX
Diane Ramirez New Boston TX
Alex Williams New Boston TX
Whitli Fincher Queen City TX
Abigail Gilbreath Queen City TX
Autumn Holt Queen City TX
Colton Savage Queen City TX
Mally Hammonds Simms TX
Bailey Hill Simms TX
Kayla Karr Simms TX
Quinn Lipe Simms TX
Luke Sissons Simms TX
Leanna Stephenson Simms TX
Daysha Caldwell Stamps AR
Maria Reina Sulphur Springs TX
Cheryl Adams Texarkana AR
Martin Aguilar Texarkana AR
Trinity Alcorn Texarkana AR
Binamra Aryal Texarkana AR
Regan Baber Texarkana AR
Kiah Batton Texarkana AR
Racheal Clem Texarkana AR
Remington Cook Texarkana AR
Kimberly De Loach Texarkana AR
Macey Enns Texarkana AR
Brhittney Fagan Texarkana AR
Millicent Fricks Texarkana AR
Kara Giles Texarkana AR
Zachary Goins Texarkana AR
Cameron Golston Texarkana AR
Caitlyn Gummeson Texarkana AR
Desmond Jamison Texarkana AR
Tihja Lavalais Texarkana AR
Carjuan Layton Texarkana AR
Jessica Macdonald Texarkana AR
Salonda Noble Texarkana AR
Marissa Nolen Texarkana AR
Austin Robinson Texarkana AR
Deserail Rose Texarkana AR
Johnathan Smithson Texarkana AR
Julie Stern Texarkana AR
Riyan Stockton Texarkana AR
Jason Taggart Texarkana AR
Hannah Taylor Texarkana AR
Kristyn Thomas Texarkana AR
Victor Vargas Texarkana AR
Ariyana White Texarkana AR
Joe Williams Texarkana AR
Chanita Worthy Texarkana AR
Makayla York Texarkana AR
Seth Yowell Texarkana AR
Ambria Adams Texarkana TX
Amber Adcock Texarkana TX
Bikash Adhikari Texarkana TX
Yvonne Arias Texarkana TX
Rachel Arnold Texarkana TX
Joshua Basham Texarkana TX
Dashawn Bell Texarkana TX
Martin Bennett Texarkana TX
Chris Borill Texarkana TX
Stefanie Boyd Texarkana TX
Landen Braley Texarkana TX
Latekka Brewer Texarkana TX
Christopher Brooks Texarkana TX
Amber Brooks Texarkana TX
Joyce Bryant Texarkana TX
Michael Calderon Texarkana TX
Jaime Cardenas Texarkana TX
Kami Carr Texarkana TX
Megan Clark Texarkana TX
Lyndsey Collins Texarkana TX
Lisa Cox Texarkana TX
Carson Craytor Texarkana TX
Eliud Cruz Texarkana TX
Yasmine Davis Texarkana TX
Dipesh Dhungana Texarkana TX
Jeffrey Dunkin Texarkana TX
Nathan Fisher Texarkana TX
Hunter Fritcher Texarkana TX
Jenelle Garcia Mendoza Texarkana TX
Ranjeet Gautam Texarkana TX
Leahna Graham Texarkana TX
Devin Hampton Texarkana TX
Luke Harmon Texarkana TX
Kameron Hart Texarkana TX
Trinity Harvin Texarkana TX
Alyssa Helms Texarkana TX
Bobby Henry Texarkana TX
Lisette Hernandez Texarkana TX
Hannah Hernandez Texarkana TX
Samantha Hill Texarkana TX
Katy Hillis Texarkana TX
Myrtis Hooks Texarkana TX
Cheyenne Hopkins Texarkana TX
Mark Horton Texarkana TX
Jazmine Hubbard Texarkana TX
Shyneicya Johnson Texarkana TX
Austin Jones Texarkana TX
Allison Jones Texarkana TX
Jessica Jones Texarkana TX
Blake Jones Texarkana TX
Hannah Launius Texarkana TX
Andrew Legrand Texarkana TX
Amanda Locke Texarkana TX
Haydn Lohse Texarkana TX
Kyle Martin Texarkana TX
Katelyn McCarthy Texarkana TX
Nathan McClain Texarkana TX
Marquisha Miles Texarkana TX
John Mitchell Texarkana TX
Ethan Montez Texarkana TX
Jakaylin Moore Texarkana TX
Christian Moreno Texarkana TX
Nhung Nguyen Texarkana TX
Kristin Northrup Texarkana TX
Justin Nowlin Texarkana TX
Daniela Olalde Texarkana TX
Elizabeth Ornberg Texarkana TX
Tina Patterson Texarkana TX
Donathan Pearson Texarkana TX
Alessandra Pena Texarkana TX
Jennifer Perez Texarkana TX
Eduardo Perez Texarkana TX
Jourdain Peterson Texarkana TX
Emileigh Pickens Texarkana TX
Jennie Pierce Texarkana TX
Amber Potts Texarkana TX
Arnekie Ragland Texarkana TX
Eddie Ramirez Texarkana TX
Shelby Reed Texarkana TX
Johnathan Reed Texarkana TX
Britton Reese Texarkana TX
Jane Richert Texarkana TX
Lajessica Ricks Texarkana TX
Juan Riley Texarkana TX
Keundra Riser Texarkana TX
Tracie Rush Texarkana TX
Tristan Sitzes Texarkana TX
Raysha Slaton Texarkana TX
Marjorie Slimer Texarkana TX
Gary Smith Texarkana TX
Gaganpreet Sohi Texarkana TX
Cassie Spriggs Texarkana TX
Jocoby Stewart Texarkana TX
Deborah Stokes Texarkana TX
Stephen Teague Texarkana TX
LeShea Thomas Texarkana TX
Helen Tran Texarkana TX
Marcella Troxel Texarkana TX
Travis Turner Texarkana TX
Kelly Waddell Texarkana TX
Jamal Walker Texarkana TX
Jakoya Webb Texarkana TX
Angeletta White Texarkana TX
Debbie White Texarkana TX
Monica Whitehead Texarkana TX
Kayra Wickliffe Texarkana TX
Brittani Wiggins Texarkana TX
Jaylon Williams Texarkana TX
Markevon Williams Texarkana TX
Ross Wyles Texarkana TX
Minseok Yeo Texarkana TX
Mercedes Young Texarkana TX
John Gagne The Colony TX
Diana Aguilar Wake Village TX
Zuleika Banks Wake Village TX
Telluah Bozeman Wake Village TX
Brian Brown Wake Village TX
Juana Bustamante Wake Village TX
Caleb Dell Wake Village TX
Conner Elliott Wake Village TX
Dalton Green Wake Village TX
Avis Haskins Wake Village TX
Anthony Hawkins Wake Village TX
Nikita Isham Wake Village TX
Kennethia Johnson Wake Village TX
Hillary Lewis Wake Village TX
Heidi McClure Wake Village TX
Rachel Morgan Wake Village TX
Joshua Nelson Wake Village TX
Candace Richardson Wake Village TX
Perri Rodgers Wake Village TX
Jalen Shead Wake Village TX
Lakenya Washington Wake Village TX
Monica Jewell Wilton AR

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