If you are interested in looking into VCT courses to see if they would benefit you please check out the course offerings for VCT and then contact the Office of Admissions to enroll.

If your instructor requests proctor information, it is:

Texarkana College
Lori Rochelle

2500 North Robison Road
Texarkana, TX 75599
Phone 903.823-3340 * Fax 903.823-3451

Verify with your instructor that the test has been sent to the Assessment and Testing Center.

It is the students’ responsibility to verify that their exam has arrived at Texarkana College.

Bring your current student photo ID or valid state ID.

Do not bring personal belongings – Please, leave purses and back packs in your car. Cell phones and pagers must be turned OFF!

Be courteous to others testing; please enter and leave the room quietly.

If Texarkana College is not the host of your VCT course, there will be a proctoring fee of $15 per test.

The Center is located in the Business Computer Technology building in room 11.