Texarkana Regional Chorale kicks off spring practices

If you’re interested in joining the Texarkana Regional Chorale, now is your chance! The first practice is Tuesday, Jan. 27. 

This semester, the chorale will be working on Mozart’s majestic Mass in C Minor, K. 427 (completed and edited by Robert Levin). Rehearsals take place in the Music Hall of the Stilwell Humanities building at Texarkana College. For concerts, women are required to wear all black and long sleeves, while men should wear tuxedos.


How to register

If you paid your yearly registration fee of $120 back in August, you are set—we’ll see you at practice!

If you need to enroll for this semester only, the fee is $70, and you can pay it at the first rehearsal. Texarkana Regional Chorale offers a fee waiver for qualified high school and middle school singers (with $10 deposit for sheet music). You may also register for college credit through Texarkana College, in which case tuition will be paid directly to TC according to its credit-hour payment schedule.

If you are new to the Chorale, you will need to sing a vocal placement audition the night of our first rehearsal. Please email music director Marc-André Bougie to schedule a time.

Registration for all members who have not registered in the fall will start at 5 p.m. Please come early so rehearsal can start on time.


Spring schedule


Chorale tips for everybody’s mental health


Chorale rules

  1. ALL need to sing one-time vocal placement auditions as per schedule.  No prepared music necessary.  Future individual yearly auditions will be at the discretion of the Music Director.
  2. Pay NON-REFUNDABLE Chorale Membership fee of $70/semester or $120/season at first rehearsal.
  3. No more than THREE rehearsals can be missed to be allowed to sing in concerts.
  4. If absent, Chorale Members are responsible for getting missing music or rehearsal update from a peer. Make sure you get another member’s phone number at first rehearsal.
  5. Missing dress rehearsal will result in NOT singing the concert.
  6. Return music on the DAY of final Concert.


For more information, contact Marc-André Bougie at 318-272-0935 or mabougie1@yahoo.com.

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