Automated Office Personnel One-Year Certificate – Level One

Whether working in an office or owning your own business is the goal, you’re looking for that edge that will set you apart from the others. From spreadsheets to payroll, databases to web development, you’ll walk away from this program with an array of skills in your briefcase, and straight into the door of your next career..

Degree Plan

Gainful Employment

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Dr. Dixon Boyles
Dean of Business and Social Sciences

Automated Office Personnel Course Descriptions

ACNT 1303 W - Introduction to Accounting I (lecture and lab hours will vary by program).
ACCT 2301 A - Principals of Financial Accounting (3,3,0).
ARTC 1313 W - Digital Publishing I (3,2,4).
ACNT 1311 W - Introduction to Computerized Accounting (3,2,4).
BCIS 1305 A - Business Computer Applications (3,2,4).
IMED 1316 W - Web Design I (3,2,4).
ITNW 1308 W - Implementing and Supporting Client Operating Systems (3,2,4).
ITSW 1304 W - Introduction to Spreadsheets (lecture and lab hours will vary by program).
POFI 2340 W - Advanced Word Processing (3,3,1).