Refund Information

To be eligible for a refund, students must officially drop individual courses or completely withdraw from the College by the deadline in the Refund Schedule. Students may find the specific dates for the Refund Schedule online for each term. Specific provision of the Texas Administrative Cole, Title 19, Part I, Chapter 21, Subchapter A, Rule 21.5 “Refund of Tuition and Fees at Public Community/Junior and Technical Colleges,” governs the refund schedule. Only the Texas Legislature or the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, authorized by the Legislature, can alter this schedule.

Student Drop Refunds

If a student drops a class and has paid their own tuition and fees (cash, check, credit card), depending on the drop date and percentage of refund – those refunds are issued on a weekly basis. Some charges are not refundable.

Student Financial Aid Refunds

If a student has any type of aid (grant, scholarship or loan); the aid shows up on the student account as “authorized”. This authorization lets a student know that their aid is complete and available. The student will continue to see an amount due on their student account even though their aid is authorized. The reason for this is that their aid amount can fluctuate based on the number of hours they are enrolled.

On the Census Date (12th class day – for the TC campus, not the 12th day a student attends class) or within several days, the Financial Aid Office runs a process called “disbursement”. This process does not issue refunds to students. This process moves the authorized aid onto a student account as a payment. The payment will pay off any and all charges that it can (and are allowed). If the aid/payment is more than what a student owes (tuition/fee charges, bookstore charges), then that creates a credit balance on a student account. This credit balance is showing that Texarkana College owes the student a refund. The Business Office has 14 calendar days from the date of the Financial Aid disbursement date to issue a student their refund. A student will not get their refund on the disbursement date.

For example, the 16 week Spring 2014 semester that starts on 1/21/14 has a Census date of 2/5/14.

The Financial Aid Disbursement process will most likely take place on or about 2/11/14. If financial aid is disbursed on 2/11/14, the estimated time a student will get their refund is 2/24/14. It all depends on when your financial aid moves from “authorized aid” to “disbursed aid”. That is when the fourteen day count begins.

You must check your myTC student account to make sure your financial aid is complete and does not have any red flags on the Financial Aid Tab.

Based on the number of financial aid refunds we issue (thousands), it can take up to the 14 day timeframe. We do our best to issue them as quickly as possible but we review each student and their refund to make sure it is correct before it is issued. We also do not make exceptions and issue any refunds early or based on student circumstances.

If a student is a first time student and first time borrower, their loan disbursement is delayed for 30 days and that refund would be issued within 14 days of that.

myTC Card

Applying for financial aid? You’ll need the myTC Card. Not receiving financial Aid? Yes … even you will need to have this card. The Texarkana College myTC Card will be issued to students when they have completed their registration process. The first batch should go out to students before classes start. The cards are automatically issued by TC and mailed by Higher One to students. All students will receive the card, whether they are scheduled to receive financial aid or not. This is not a credit card. This debit MasterCard ensures fast delivery of funds through electronic means, ending the process of issuing paper financial aid and refund checks.

Students need to make sure their address and personal information is correct on their student account (verify with our Office of Admissions). It is important that you activate your myTC Card immediately upon arrival, via the Web site listed on the back of the card, and keep it throughout your entire duration with the College for future financial aid/refund uses. For more information, please visit

Higher One Fee Notice

Higher One offers the One Account, a no monthly fee and no minimum balance checking account specifically created for students. The One Account does have a monthly fee for non-students. A “student” One Account user is defined as having received a refund deposit to his or her One Account in the prior six months and/or have self-identified themselves as a “student” on the program and/or have a direct deposit of at least $100 in the prior 30 days.

You may update your enrollment status and profile at any time on the program website “User Profile” menu, based on the honor system. One Account customers who have not met the above criteria will be assessed a monthly service fee of $3.95 for the One Account.

Refund Policy

Certain costs such a registration fees, parking, and insurance are not refundable. A class day is defined as any day on which classes are held at the college – normally Monday through Friday.

The College will process refunds only after completion of all other registration responsibilities.



100% refund………………………Prior to the first class day (less $15 matriculation fee)

70% refund……………………………………………….First through fifteenth class day

25% refund……………………………………..…..Sixteenth through twentieth class day


NOTE: If you are on the Installment Payment Plan and have not made all installments, your refund may apply to any outstanding payments

Non-course related fees such as registration, parking, public safety fee, and insurance are not refundable.

A class day is defined as any day which classes are held at Texarkana College – not just the particular class you are enrolled in and have dropped.

Any term other than a 16 week term will have refund dates adjusted according to state refund policies. Please look online at the class term schedule or phone Texarkana College at 903-823-3331.

Refund Schedule

May Mini
Length of Class Term in Weeks Term/Subterm Start Date of Term Last day for 70 percent refund   Last day for 25 percent refund
2 or less 80 5/18/2015 5/19/2015 n/a



Summer 2015
Length of Class Term in Weeks Term/Subterm Start Date of Term Last day for 70 percent refund Last day for 25 percent refund
5 60 6/8/2015 6/12/2015 6/15/2015
5 70 7/13/2015 7/17/2015 7/20/2015
11 50 6/8/2015 6/19/2015 6/25/2015
12 W4 5/26/2015 6/10/2015 6/15/2015


FALL 2015
Length of Class Term in Weeks Term/Subterm Start Date of Term Last day for 70 percent refund Last day for 25 percent refund
2 15 8/24/2015 8/25/2015 n/a
7 25 9/8/2015 9/16/2015 9/18/2015
7 35 10/26/2015 11/3/2015 11/5/2015
8 20 8/24/2015 9/2/2015 9/4/2015
8 30 10/19/2015 10/28/2015 10/30/2015
8 W2 8/24/2015 9/2/2015 9/4/2015
8 W3 10/19/2015 10/28/2015 10/30/2015
14 40 9/8/2015 9/24/2015 9/30/2015
16 or longer 10 8/24/2015 9/14/2015 9/21/2015
16 or longer D1 8/24/2015 9/14/2015 9/21/2015
16 or longer D2 8/24/2015 9/14/2015 9/21/2015
16 or longer D3 8/24/2015 9/14/2015 9/21/2015
16 or longer D4 8/24/2015 9/14/2015 9/21/2015
16 or longer L1 8/24/2015 9/14/2015 9/21/2015
16 or longer W1 8/24/2015 9/14/2015 9/21/2015

Interest Earned on Title IV Funds

Title IV funds drawn down from the G5 system are automatically deposited into a separate interest-bearing bank account that is reconciled on a monthly basis. The interest earned on these funds will also be reconciled on a monthly basis and any interest earned in excess of $250 will be returned to the Department through the G5 system by June 30th of the current award year.

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