It is the policy of the Texarkana College Police Department to thoroughly investigate all reports of missing persons. In addition, this agency considers a missing child and an adult that is mentally impaired, to be considered “at risk” until significant information to the contrary is confirmed.

Missing Student Notification

Emergency Contacts/Missing Persons

During the housing check-in processes, students living on campus are required to provide at least one emergency contact to the Residence Hall Staff. This information is kept strictly confidential and may only be utilized by Residence Hall staff, and other Texarkana College staff members with emergency response job responsibilities, in the case of emergencies involving students such as death, life threatening injuries or a missing person report. Students may update their emergency contact information at any time by visiting with the front desk at each hall, or by contacting their hall director.

On-campus residents have the option to designate at least one of their emergency contacts as a person to be notified in the event a student is determined to be missing for more than 24 hours. Whether or not a student has designated an emergency contact as a person to be notified, if a student is less than 18 years old, Federal Law requires that Texarkana College notify a parent or guardian within 24 hours of the determination that a student is missing.

Staff members should follow the instructions below upon receiving a report of a missing student:

  1. Immediately contact the Campus Police Department with all information provided regarding the missing student so that an investigation can be initiated. This is required by Federal Law.
  2. Provide the Campus Police with the names and contact information of any people designated as a “missing person contact”
  3. Campus Police will make contact with the designated emergency contact.

On-campus residents should follow the instructions below if they suspect another student is missing:

On-campus residents should contact their resident assistant, hall director, or the Campus Police Department if they suspect another resident is missing. Upon receiving a report of a missing resident, the Residence Hall staff members will ensure Campus Police Department is provided all the information needed to initiate an investigation.