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Now recruiting student leaders

On April 21, the Texarkana College Student Government Association will hold campus-wide elections for 2016-17 President and Vice President. The SGA is now accepting nominees to run for those positions.

Student government is only effective when students are engaged in the process, so we encourage you to consider applying—even if you haven’t ever pictured yourself as a leader! Is SGA a good fit for you? Here are a few ways you can tell.

You make the grade.1. You make the grade.

The best candidates for SGA offices are returning full-time students with a GPA of 3.0+. Full-time status and a good GPA mean you’re dedicated to your education and you already know what it’s like to work really hard to reach your goals.


Criminal Justice Club

2. You’re already involved in campus or community organizations.

People who join campus and community organizations do it because they’re committed to a cause that’s bigger than anything they could accomplish on their own. If you’re already engaged in this type of activity, you might be a perfect fit for a student government leadership role.


Willingness to work & lead

3. You’re willing to work hard and learn how to be a servant-leader.

Nobody knows all of the secrets to leadership—what’s important is that you’re willing to try, grow and learn. The best SGA candidates are open to new opportunities and are excited about growing with the organization (and, in the meantime, making TC a better place).


Ready to lead?

SGA operates with an Executive Board comprised of representatives of the various clubs and programs across the college.  It is a service organization which assumes leadership promoting worthwhile student enterprises.  It also serves as an advisory organization representing the student body in its relationship with the faculty and administration.  Students who are elected to serve on the Student Government receive valuable training and experience in civic leadership. Finally, SGA is part of a regional and state-wide organization that coordinates efforts to improve colleges all over Texas.

To sign up to run for President or Vice-President, contact SGA Advisor Doug Saffel at or 903-823-3228.

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