Texarkana College uses a variety of social networks and digital media to stay connected and communicate with students, alumni, community stakeholders, faculty, staff and the general public. Join us on these networks to stay updated on the most current TC news. Check out our official College pages/profiles on these networks:


Connect with a department or subject area

Creating social media accounts on behalf of the College

Faculty, staff, clubs, organizations and departments are encouraged to use social media to connect with their various audiences. Before creating an account for this purpose, please follow these steps:

1. Institutional Advancement will advise you on starting a social media account and which venue is the best to use based on your goals. Contact Haley Rushing with the following information:

  • The platform you intend to use (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc)
  • The purpose of your social media account
  • The type of information you will be sharing
  • Who will take ownership of the account. Even with student-led organizations, at least one staff member must take responsibility for monitoring and maintaining the account.

2. Once you have consulted with Institutional Advancement and created your social media account, send Haley Rushing the account name, URL, start date and faculty/staff owner.

3.  As you begin posting using your social media account, keep the following in mind:

  • Be prepared to maintain the account.
    Social media is ineffective unless used. If your account has not posted new content in the past week, you may want to think twice about whether social media is an effective way for your department/area to communicate. Institutional Advancement will review social media accounts periodically and may recommend that inactive accounts be removed.
  • Consider paid advertising
    (such as on Facebook) for important events and promotions.
  • Use official College logos only.
    For help with properly branded graphics, contact Design & Creative Services.
  • Honor copyright laws.
    Don’t download images from a Google image search and use them on your page unless the image’s owner has given you permission to do so. Use Design & Creative Services’ standards for finding appropriate photos to use.
  • Think before you respond.
    Use this Social Media Flowchart to help determine how to address different types of posts and comments.