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  • Financial aid is available in Summer 2021 for students who qualify, but summer financial aid carries some important conditions that you need to be aware of. Please carefully read the bullet points below:

    • Summer Pell grant is available, but it subtracts from your lifetime Pell eligibility – The Department of Education allows Pell-eligible students to receive the Pell grant for the equivalent of 6 years of full-time enrollment use. If you have already received Pell while attending full-time in both Fall 2020 and Spring 2021, accepting financial aid for Summer 2021 will subtract up to one full-time semester’s worth of Pell (depending on your enrollment) from your lifetime limit of 6 full-time academic years.
    • To qualify for extra Pell, you may need to take at least 6 eligible hours – If you did attend full-time in both Fall 2020 and Spring 2021, the government requires that you take at least 6 eligible hours (required on your degree plan) to qualify for the extra Pell. If you didn’t attend full-time in either Fall 2020 or Spring 2021, you will likely have leftover Pell available from those semesters and could still qualify for summer Pell grant even if you enroll in less than 6 hours. Please consult with your academic advisor if you are unsure about whether or not a class is eligible.
    • Dropped or cancelled classes may seriously affect your eligibility for grants and loans – The TC Financial Aid Office will base your summer grant and/or loan award on your up-front combined enrolled hours across the entire summer (Summer I, Summer II, Workforce / LVN Summer, and all non-standard summer terms). This means that if you drop a class, fail to start or attend a class, or if the class gets cancelled due to low enrollment, it could reduce your grant or loan award significantly and may result in a debt to Texarkana College. This is especially critical if the reduction in hours takes you below 6 credit hours, as this could make you completely ineligible for grants or loans and possibly result in a large debt to the college.
    • To avoid problems, watch your email closely and stay in touch! – If Texarkana College has to cancel a summer class due to low enrollment, our Enrollment Services Office will contact you via student email to let you know, and our academic advisors will work with you to replace it with another eligible class whenever possible. However, time is of the essence, so check your email regularly in the week before the first day of class for your Summer I or Summer II classes. If you find that you will not be able to attend a summer class, please notify the Financial Aid Office immediately so we can counsel you on how the change in your schedule might affect your aid.
    • Only degree-seeking students qualify for aid – If you are a transient student (pursuing your primary degree elsewhere and only picking up classes here over the summer), you will not be eligible to receive either grants or loans at Texarkana College. Per federal regulations, only degree-seeking students qualify for financial aid. However, visiting students from Texas A&M Texarkana are encouraged to check with that college’s financial aid office about a “consortium agreement” to maximize your aid there.
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    If I have questions, I agree to contact the TC Financial Aid Office for guidance. I understand that a reduction in my enrolled eligible hours, for any reason, may result in a reduction in my financial aid award and a debt to Texarkana College that I agree to repay.