Business Card Design Request Form

Business cards are provided by Ledwell Office Solutions at the following pricing:

  • 250 cards // $24.99
  • 500 cards // $29.99
  • 1,000 cards // $45

Before submitting this form, you must obtain a purchase order for Ledwell Office Solutions. If you aren’t sure who in your department handles purchase orders, please contact the business office. Orders will not be processed without a PO#.

After submitting, Ledwell Office Solutions will typeset your card based on the information you submit. You will receive a PDF proof from Ledwell that you must approve prior to printing.

Business Card Setup

This is the standard business card format all college employees should use. This card uses standard logos, fonts and colors. Please do not attempt to recreate it yourself. 

  • Provide your full name as you'd like for it to appear on your card.
  • Provide your title exactly as you'd like for it to appear on your card.
  • Optional