1. Each March a request for work-study form is sent to lead faculty and administrators to complete and return to the financial aid director for review. The financial aid director reviews the work-study budget for the school year and determines how many positions are available.
  2. The Financial Aid Director and the Business Office Manager analyze the following: Federal allocations 75% + Institutional portions + 25% = Total Allocations 100%
  3. Students must complete a Work-Study Application as part of Title IV aid documentation to determine which students are interested in work-study.
    1. Student’s applications that indicate interest in work-study are compiled in an Applicant Notebook in the Financial Aid Office.
    2. Students that decline a work-study position have their applications maintained in a declined file.
  4. In conjunction with each department supervisor, applications are reviewed, interviews are scheduled, and supervisors select students they wish to hire.
  5. Each student will receive a Work-Study Contract that includes the following:
    1. Name of supervisor
    2. Federal Work Study Award
    3. Hourly Rate
    4. Conditions of Employment
    5. Length of employment (beginning and ending semesters)
  6. The students complete the following:
    1. Student Contract
      1. One copy to student
      2. One copy for the student’s financial aid file
      3. One copy to student’s supervisor
    2. Photocopies of student’s W-4, state withholding form and Payroll
    3. Review Job Description with student (interviewer also does this)
    4. I-9 Form with photocopies of acceptable forms of identification (See back of I-9 form)