Fall 2018 Financial Aid Refund Information

Financial Aid Office – Financial Aid Disbursement Date – September 20th
Student Accounts Office – Financial Aid Anticipated Refund Date – October 3rd

  • Disbursement is not the same as a refund.
  • All Pell grants, other grants, and scholarships will be disbursed in full on 9/20/18.
  • Student loans will be disbursed in two installments:  ½ on 9/20/18 and the other ½ on 10/22/18
  • Some students may not receive a refund on 10/3/18 if the first ½ of their loan is not enough to cover all charges.
  • The Financial Aid Office and Student Account Office will not provide refund amounts to students via phone or in person.
  • The Student Accounts Office cannot give students an exact date of the refund.  Refunds will be processed no later than 10/3/18.
  • Please make sure you have made your Refund Choice or finalized your choice by 8/19/18.
  • Paper checks will be mailed to students that have not finalized a refund choice by 8/19/18 (mailed to the legal address on file at Texarkana College).

To be eligible for a refund, students must officially drop individual courses or completely withdraw from the College by the deadline in the Refund Schedule. Students may find the specific dates for the Refund Schedule online for each term. The specific provision of the Texas Administrative Code, Title 19, Part I, Chapter 21, Subchapter A, Rule 21.5 “Refund of Tuition and Fees at Public Community/Junior and Technical Colleges,” governs the refund schedule. Only the Texas Legislature or the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, authorized by the Legislature, can alter this schedule.

Certain fees are not refundable. Please check with the Student Accounts Office for specific fees. A class day is defined as any day on which classes are held at the college – not just the particular class you are enrolled in and have dropped – (classes are normally Monday through Friday).

The College will process refunds only after completion of all other registration responsibilities.

16-week courses refund table

100% refund Prior to the first class day (less $15 matriculation fee)
70% refund First through the fifteenth class day
25% refund Sixteenth through the twentieth class day

Any term other than a 16-week term will have refund dated adjusted according to state refund policies.  Please look online for term specific refund dates or phone the Texarkana College Student Accounts Office at 903-823-3331.

NOTE: If you are on the Installment Payment Plan and have not made all installments, your refund may apply to any outstanding payments

All students will have to make a refund choice.

You will make your choice by logging into your myTC.  You have two choices when you log in.

  1. Have your refund go to your own personal bank account;
  2. Have your refund go to your new myTCmoney card issued by Herring Bank.

Student refund choices - your personal bank account or myTCmoney card.

Choice #1 – have your refund go to your own personal bank account;  or Choice #2 – have your refund go to your new myTCmoney card issued by Herring Bank.

Make your choice!

Herring Bank Student Refund Choice portlet

Cards are available in the Business Office.


Contract Disclosures

Student loan refund policy

Unlike grant aid, Texarkana College disburses all student loans in two payments per semester rather than just one. Students will receive refunds from the first half of their loans a little over a month after school begins. Refunds for the second half of student loans will occur shortly after midterm.

Grant and scholarship aid disbursements will not be affected by this change.

Graph of typical disbursement & refund timeline

Example: Student A
$2000 Total loans for semester

$1000Disbursement One
-$700Charges for Semester
=$300Net Refund
$1,000Disbursement Two
-$0Remaining charges
=$1,000Net Refund

Example: Student B
$2000 Total loans for semester

$1000Disbursement One
-$1,200Charges for Semester
=$0Net Refund
$1,000Disbursement Two
-$200Remaining charges
=$800Net Refund

Estimate your refunds

Need assistance?

Contact the financial aid office at 903-823-3267.

Upcoming refund dates

all future dates