Student loan refund policy

Unlike grant aid, Texarkana College disburses all student loans in two payments per semester rather than just one. Students will receive refunds from the first half of their loans a little over a month after school begins. Refunds for the second half of student loans will occur shortly after midterm.

Grant and scholarship aid disbursements will not be affected by this change.

Refund Schedule

Can I request to receive more than half of the loan in the first refund?

No. When colleges disburse twice, they are required to disburse in even 50-50 splits. However, the net refund can vary depending on charges to your account.

Why does Texarkana College disburse loans in two payments?

The federal government requires that all single-semester loans be disbursed in two payments. TC disburses all loans in the same manner to reduce the debt students owe for semesters they don’t successfully finish.

If I take out a loan, will this affect when I get my Pell grant refund?

No. All refunds for federal and state grants will occur at the usual time.

Example: Student A
$2000 Total loans for semester

$1000Disbursement One
-$700Charges for Semester
=$300Net Refund
$1,000Disbursement Two
-$0Remaining charges
=$1,000Net Refund

Example: Student B
$2000 Total loans for semester

$1000Disbursement One
-$1,200Charges for Semester
=$0Net Refund
$1,000Disbursement Two
-$200Remaining charges
=$800Net Refund

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