Criteria for Receiving Aid

FAFSAs are sent to the Department of Education and evaluated before being received by individual colleges. Please remember that you must list Texarkana College (School Code 003628) as one of the schools you want your FAFSA sent to in order for us to get it.

To be eligible for federal student aid a student must:

  • demonstrate financial need (according to the federal government’s evaluation formula)
  • have a high school diploma or a G.E.D.
  • males over 18 but under 26 must be enrolled for selective service
  • be enrolled as a degree or certificates seeking student in an eligible program
  • be a U.S. citizen or eligible noncitizen
  • have a valid social security number
  • make satisfactory academic progress toward their degree (i.e. make acceptable grades and completion)
  • not owe a repayment on a federal or state grant
  • not be in default on a federal Student loan

Once your FAFSA reaches TC…

Once the FAFSA is received by Texarkana College, we will contact you by email letting you know if any additional paperwork is needed to process your financial aid file. (Current students may also check this information on their myTC student portal by going to the tab labeled “Financial Aid.” Verification requirements will be listed as red flags.) About half of students are selected by the federal government for a double-check of some of the information listed on their FAFSA application; this process is called “verification.” Students may also be manually selected for verification by Texarkana College if we notice discrepancies in your FAFSA answers. Not all students are required to undergo verification, so please do not submit any paperwork unless we request it.

Once your file is completely processed (including verification, if required), a financial aid award notification will appear in your financial aid account. Once you read and accept the terms and conditions for financial aid, your financial aid award will be finalized, and it can be used to pay your tuition or buy books/supplies in the TC Book Store.

Log-in to verify your awards


Please note that Texarkana College never automatically includes student loans as part of a financial aid award, but they may be requested. If you think you may need a student loan to finance your education, please contact us at 903-823-3267 or in person at the Texarkana College Financial Aid Office to schedule an in-person loan advising session to get full details and to begin the loan application process.


The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) should be completed after January 1 as soon as income tax return(s) are filed. Applicants must file the FAFSA to apply for federal and state aid. You can submit the application online at

Texarkana College’s FAFSA code is 003628.

Logging in

The way you log into submit your FAFSA has changed.  Learn more about the new FSA ID.