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Creative Writing Club offers freedom

By DeAunna Lester
The TC News reporter

Do you like to write? Write without any rules?

There is a club at Texarkana College where you can write freely. The Creative Writing Club is where you need to be.
The unique thing about this particular club is that the club sponsor is not an English professor nor a writing professor but is a financial aid loan coordinator.
Jesse Hausler is the sole sponsor of the Creative Writing Club.

According to Hausler, there is only one criteria that is required in order to be a part of this club.
“The only criteria is to be a current student (taking at least three hours) and to enjoy creative writing,” he said.

The Creative Writing Club, founded in spring 2013, currently has five members. Meetings are held off-campus at Books-A-Million, but the club is active around campus the entire year. For example, the “Uncle Mort” project was displayed last semester in the library.
Hausler said the project was a success.

“Uncle Mort (project) accomplished what it set out to do: we got a complete, funny story that was co-written by about 15-20 different students,” Hausler said.

Member Stephanie Green was new to writing. Her brother was a member of the Creative Writing Club, and he invited her to one of the meetings.

“I am new to writing but have always wanted to try it,” Green said.

Green said she enjoys the freedom

“I enjoy the fact that we all have a chance to express our own writing styles and grow together. TCCWC brings together a group of all sorts of people who share their stories and give critique. This critique always brings some new ideas to the table that often enhance my story to a new level. It also doesn’t hurt to have some seasoned writers, some published, thrown into the mix, sharing tips and trick for all types of writing.”

If any students are interested in becoming a member of the Creative Writing Club, contact the sponsor at (903) 823-3352 or at

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