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Business & Social Sciences

At Texarkana College, we introduce you to the wide world of business and social sciences. From gaining the skills to start your own business, to covering the essentials in government and sociology, our Business & Social Sciences division is the perfect place to start your education.

Welcome Letter

If you wonder why the world is the way it is and people do the things they do, then the Business & Social Sciences division may be the place for you. Whether you are planning to transfer to a university or looking to immediately enter the workforce in computer programming or networking, we can help you toward the future you want through programs in business, criminal justice, teaching, and a whole lot more. TC works for everyone, and together we can build a better world!

Dr. Dixon Boyles


Dixon Boyles Ed.D.

Dean of Business & Social Sciences

Melanie Allen

Teaching Program Coordinator

Alyce Bunting Ed.D.

Behavioral Science Program Coordinator

Stephen Gass

Criminal Justice Program Coordinator

Rob Howard

Faculty, Business & Social Sciences

Dianna Kinsey

Computer Networking and Computer Programming Program Coordinator

Michael Curt Langford

Faculty, Business & Social Sciences

Theresa McDonald Ph.D.

Faculty, Business & Social Sciences

Dawna Rogers Montanelli

Faculty, Business & Social Sciences

Samuel Rivas

Business Administration Program Coordinator

Beverly Rowe

Faculty, Business & Social Sciences

Doug Saffel

Social Science Studies Program Coordinator

Candy Smith Ed.D.

Faculty, Business & Social Sciences

Kenneth Smith

Faculty, Business & Social Sciences

Michelle Smith Ph.D.

Behavioral Science Program Coordinator

Dana Strickland

Child Development Program Coordinator

John Stuart

Faculty, Business & Social Sciences

Teresa Allday

Administrative Assistant