Board of Trustees

Mr. Kyle Davis
President | 2020
Place 6
At Large, All of Bowie County

Mrs. Kaye Ellison
Vice President | 2020
Place 5
At Large, All of Bowie County

Mrs. Anne Farris
Secretary | 2024
Place 3
Commissioner Precinct 3 in Bowie County

Mr. Ernie Cochran
Place 4
Commissioner Precinct 4 in Bowie County

Mrs. Lesley Ledwell Dukelow

Mrs. Lesley Ledwell Dukelow | 2022
Place 2
Commissioner Precinct 2 in Bowie County

Mr. Derrick McGary
Place 1
Commissioner Precinct 1 in Bowie County

Mr. George Moore
Place 7 At Large, All of Bowie County

Contact the Board of Trustees

All Trustees or the Trustee’s name
Attn: Mindy Preston
2500 N. Robison Rd.
Texarkana, TX 75599

or via Email