Texarkana College will award up to 24 hours of course specific college credit in subject appropriate areas of all IB exam scores of 4 or above as long as the incoming freshmen have earned an IB diploma. However, course credit does not have to be awarded on any IB exams where the score received is a 3 or less. This may mean that such students will not receive 24 hours of college credit, even if they have an IB diploma. Students must send an IB transcript confirming credit to the college. A grade of CR is posted where credit is added. All IB students must show proof of meeting the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements.


IBD EXAM SCORE Texarkana College Course Credit Hours
English Language and Composition 4+ English 1301 3
Biology 4+ Biology 1406, 1407 8
Chemistry 4+ Chemistry 1411, 1412 8
Economics 4+ Economics 2301, 2302 6
History 4+ History 1301, 1302 6
Psychology 4+ Psychology 2301 3